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Cops: Suspected Brick Heroin Dealer Caught With Drugs, 12 Pit Bulls in Home

Handcuffs (Shorebeat File Photo/ banspy/ Flickr
Handcuffs (Shorebeat File Photo/ banspy/ Flickr)

A township man suspected of dealing heroin was found to be in possession of 170 bags of the drug and 12 pit bulls – all in his South Lake Drive home, police said.

The Brick police department’s Special Emergency Response Team executed a search warrant at 360 South Lake Drive in Brick on Wednesday at 8:30 a.m., Sgt. Larry Petrola said.

The resident of the house, 33-year-old John Carter, was the target of a month long investigation, conducted by the Drug Enforcement Unit. As a result of the search, 170 bags of Heroin, $726 and a vehicle were seized, Petrola said.


During the search warrant execution, 12 pit bull dogs were located in the residence. The Animal Shelter was notified, responded to the residence and took the dogs that needed medical assistance, said Petrola.

Carter was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, possession of heroin, possession with intent to distribute heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia. After being arrested and processed he was released on a criminal summons with a pending court date, Petrola said.

  • Mary Ann Redfern

    Such a lovely fighting breed owner…aren’t they all…just lovely?

  • Frank Rizzo

    This is a rental home owned by some jerk who lives in Collegeville PA. Public records show he bought the house in 1992 which means he has plenty of equity in it to sell. He chooses to rent to a section 8 recipient while the government sends him a check each month and he never worries. The Shore Beat should publish his name.

    • Mark Story Jenks

      They could call it ‘the hall of shame’.

      • Frank Rizzo

        It is all public record…I would publish here myself but not sure the editor would allow it. He can contact me on Facebook and I will show him how to find this info out for free.

      • I’m aware of how to do it. It can be done through a township tax inquiry or by searching the county tax list (county search is a little easier). We use these searches all the time when reporting on planning/zoning stories. It’s not something we usually include on arrest stories because it’s not clear if the arrestee was a tenant, a guest, etc. Believe me, this site has no mercy for absentee landlords (we were first to report on the Maple Leaf Park outcry and do not shy away from topics that aren’t “PC”) but even good landlords can have bad tenants. We usually print the information provided by the police department since that is what is factually verifiable by a reliable source.

      • Frank Rizzo

        I thank you for your reply. Chances are the landlord has no idea what is occurring here with 12 dogs and some being chained in the front yard all the time to alert the tenant of any police activity or more likely any chance of him getting his door kicked in rival gangs. If he was local and able to drive by the property bi weekly or interact and screen the tenant he might not have let things get this far. I say shame on him, publish his name. When police or ex marines are in the news their salary or former service is reported with no nexus to the original story by other news sites. So if it is a fact, then what is the problem.

      • Goodgrief

        Daniel a suggestion. As a news reporter you might contact the owner by phone to see if he is even aware that there were that many dogs chained up outside his house. Also your research would tell you whether he owns more rental property in Brick. I say this simply because the renter sure is not going to tell him about getting arrested for selling dope.

    • Spell Check

      i totally agree with you on stopping this but were losing this battle unless stuff changes, look around the town, The new buyers and landlords are coming in from Lakewood, watch whats happening people, its only a matter of time. iv lived here my whole life the writing is on the wall. Do your research Lakewood in the past was a great town and we know how that went….

  • Mark Story Jenks

    A good friend of mine who lives in that neighborhood called me that afternoon and told me he happened to be driving by when the bust was going down. It seems folks living nearby had a feeling there was suspicious activity going on there for a while. Too many very expensive vehicles coming and going all the time for a middle class neighborhood. If I was going to deal drugs I wouldn’t bring attention to myself by driving around in a Mercedes, a Hummer or a Jaguar.

  • Spell Check

    Those neighbors must be happy; not for the less drugs but the dog noise they can finally sleep. The town should crack down on animal cases like this. they sent a compilance letter to me for my one cat so i know they can do a little work & look at people like this more aswell as town ordinance limiting dogs/cats.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Shame on the Township for allowing this to go this long. Drive by the house as I just did and you will see numerous zoning or code violations. Our code enforcement is horrendous here. Check out the cars illegally parked and the abandoned condition of them too.