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County Superintendent Selects Former NJ Education Commissioner to Fill Talty’s Brick BOE Seat


John Talty was not selected by the Ocean County executive superintendent of schools to fill his own seat that was vacated after he resigned earlier this year while recovering from open heart surgery. Instead, Todd C. Flora selected Vito A. Gagliardi, of Faber Lane, to fill the seat.

The selection was confirmed by Board of Education President Sharon Cantillo.

Vito A. Gagliardi
Vito A. Gagliardi

Gagliardi’s connections to education run deep in New Jersey. In 2001, he was appointed state Commissioner of Education by then-Acting Governor Donald T. DiFrancesco. Ironically, Gagliardi succeeded David C. Hespe, who is currently serving another term as commissioner. Before being selected as commissioner, Gagliardi was employed as a classroom teacher, school principal and superintendent, serving stints as the Union County superintendent of schools and the superintendent of that county’s vocational school district.


From 1994 to 1997, Gagliardi was an education policy adviser to DiFrancesco, who was then serving as state Senate president before becoming acting governor after the resignation of former Gov. Christine Todd Whitman. From 1997 to 2000, he was a special assistant to the Commissioner of Education.

Flora informed district officials of his selection Wednesday, and apparently also informed the officials that Gagliardi will be a conflicted board member since he has a relative who works in the Brick school district. The exact nature of his conflict was not clear.

Talty requested to rescind his resignation after his recovery from the surgery improved, but the remaining six board members deadlocked on allowing him to do so. Cantillo and board members Karyn Cusanelli and Susan Suter favored his return, but board members Frank Pannucci, Jr., Michael Conti and John Barton did not support the rescission measure. After the board members could not agree on a replacement – one night, seven separate votes were taken which all deadlocked – the decision went to Flora.

A specific date for Gagliardi to be sworn in has not yet been selected. The August meeting of the board will be held on the 27th, though there may be a special meeting at some point in the month before then during which Gagliardi could be administered the oath of office.

  • Chief Wahoo

    All I know there sure we’re a lot of vowels in this story…..Pat, I would like to buy a vowel for $200 please.

    • Anthony

      If you were going to pick a conflicted board member, why not pick Talty for his own seat?? I smell politics. So now the R’s have 4 votes! Good job county superintendent. The taxpayers will be watching closely on the votes coming up.

  • mary

    I’ve never seen this person at a board meeting!! Good job county superintendent, good job!!!! NOT!!!

  • Glenn

    Who owns those ocean front homes? Doctors, lawyers and of course politicians. Typical Ocean County, Vito & Happy Gilmore forever.

    • plain truth

      every time one of these employers fail they don’t fire them they put somewhere else to keep there jobs with no clue if they can do the job

  • the truth

    I would have preferred not having another conflicted board member but now that we have someone who understands the role of a school board member maybe we can let the professionals run the district. I’m sure our Board President is not happy about this appointment and that the County Superintendent had to reel her in…This should be very interesting. Good Luck Mr. Gagliardi and thank you for stepping up.

    • joseph jr

      I would think Mrs Cantillo would be very happy with Mr. Gagliardi. She knows him very well. They are good friends, as for reeling her in, I think he will be there to help her fry fish.

    • anniesez

      After following most of your comments on this site and others, it seems to me that you have a vested interest in the TWU, and transportation. In addition, I see that you have a personal issue with the President. Why don’t you call her, work out your issues and stop behaving like a coward by throwing ill-gotten remarks at her. When running a club, running for political office, or just being a board member, you need to play nice in the sandbox. I would PREFER you have respect for the Board of Education members and see everyone work together in the best interest of Brick Township.

      • the truth

        Thank you for your comments I didn’t think anyone read this stuff. I took a moment to read your comments on this site and is obvious to me that either you are the Board President or you are very close to her. I would like to clear up some of your assumptions. I don’t run a club, I’m not running for political office and I’m not a board member. I prefer not to play nice in the sandbox we have way too much of that already. This board has done a terrible job and should be removed. Starting with its president. They approved the hiring of Dr. Uszenski, Andy Morgan, Dr. Morgan, Ted McFadden and a host of other non qualified people to run our district. Not to mention the recent arrests. The district is in bad shape and I for one hold the Board President responsible for that. Mr. Reed created the problem in transportation and got voted out. Mr Talty did a terrible job on the negotiations committee and has another ethics violation to worry about. So the only call I may make to the Board President would be for her to step down and do us all a favor.

      • anniesez

        A terrible job, as you state, would have to include the 1:1 laptop initiative, repairs to facilities that haven’t been done in decades, new math program, new literary program, new infrastructure to support incredible technology, preparation for the PARC, settled teachers contract and happy employees. Oh yes, remove these people. Put in more political hacks and condemn good people for volunteering their time. Mr. Talty, get rid of him, he is only one of the most honest men you could meet. Get rid of Mr. Reid, yes of course, he is too intelligent, holding an MBA and a keen to the abuse of the educational cartel. Mr. Campbell, a grandfather that wants clean, safe buildings for his grandchildren and all children. No I am not the Board President, but I’ll take her company and that of the aforementioned she surrounds herself with rather than you any day of the week.

      • the truth

        The fact of the matter is that this group has been running this district for at least the last decade and they were responsible for everyday math and the other programs that had to be replaced. The only thing that has improved is Brick High School Football not Student Achievement. Our school rankings have shown no improvement if anything they’ve gone down . It’s time for this group to move out and you with them.

      • anniesez

        When using the guise of “the truth”, maybe that should be what you spout; though a unique concept, most on this site aren’t familiar with. The board members and Superintendent at the time of inception of Everyday Math were your favorites, non other than Mr. Hrycenko the Superintendent, Mrs. Lorusso,the Assistant Super, board President Terebush, board members, Leone, Pifko, Reinholt and Cuppari. Research “the truth” you might find it. will you have enough character to apologize?

      • the truth

        And who was the last two board members do you remember that… some of these board members have been here before Mr. Hrycenko, before Mel Persi and before Dr. Sidenberger or did you forget that. You should do your homework before asking me to apologize..

      • anniesez

        And who would they be? The Super before Seidenberger was NiCastro. No sitting board member now was there when he was, so apology accepted, and that’s “the truth”

      • john talty

        I first came on BOE in April 2004 with Ms. Cantillo, after Hrycenko and Sidenberger and before Persi.I lost in 2007 and won in 2010 and 2013 and hope to win my last year in office in November along with Mr. Reid, Mr. Campbell, Mrs Turner. Its now the silly season and let those who contribute the least, offer the most in false negative comments.

      • walter.f.campbell

        “t ruth” since you are going back to the early 2000’s take a look at who was on the B.O.E.facility committee when the E.E.C.bldg.was being built.Also the architect,and the town code official!This current B.O.E.must come up with 1.5 million dollars to correct numerous construction flaws,”overkills”and short cuts!Past the ten warranty cannot sue……but maybe individual civil suits!

      • john talty

        I was opposed to everyday Math and other programs instituted
        by Walter H and the previous BOE. If you did your research you would know that.
        I guess you like to throw crap at the wall and see what sticks like many others
        on this forum. Not the best way to carry on a dialogue

      • john talty

        I don’t know where you get your information, opinions- ok. You state I did a terrible job on the Negotiations with the TWU, again your opinion. For your information it takes two to tango. There is enough blame for every person on both sides but you single me out, again opinion not fact. I did have a good graphs of the issues on both sides and the BOE was ready on March 23 and March 30 to move in a positive aggressive direction on all issues on both sides. Unfortunately I developed medical issues that prevented me from attending meetings, and they were canceled. One point should be pointed out that many meetings scheduled were canceled by both sides for many legitimate reasons, thus the delays. There were and are issues that will be difficult to resolve but must be if the transportation dept is to survive going forward. No one person is responsible for all the delays that have occurred and the BOE hired an attorney because it was thought by the Board they needed someone with experience since I would not be available for some time. A general rule in negotiation is what is stated in negotiation stays with the parties and is not put out for public consumption.
        This was obviously not done and has had a negative input into this

        In regards to another ethics violation I am not worried in the least about the so called violations as I have done nothing wrong to warrant such action.
        Maybe you are referring to another BOE member who has had ethics violation filed
        against him??

      • anniesez

        Mr. Talty need not defend himself on this site. He has nothing to defend, nor does Mr. Campbell. This town was fortunate to have two honest and capable men to serve as volunteers. They are the lowest paid people in the district. They receive no money for what they do. They cared enough for their town to devote time away from their families to be abused here on this site? Unlike a municipal chairman who gets a great political job and pension, who also knows quite a bit about the board of education. “The Truth” is privacy is not what it used to be.

  • lazereye15

    If you have a problem with someone who is running and not seen at a meeting then get your a$$ on the ticket

  • corner post

    Are we as parents supposed to feel confident that the County Superintendent has our children’s best interest at heart? It makes one wonder about the thought process used to make the choice of another conflicted board member, and if so, why someone who is not running in November for continuity. I would also ask, what does a former commissioner of education from decades ago, living on Curtis Point, (the wealthiest waterfront area in Brick), know about the Brick Township people or district? Hey, County Sup, who decided this for you? Whose orders are you carrying out? In all honesty, do you really think this doesn’t stink of politics? We may be blue collar in Brick, but you really insulted this town.

  • ttstorm69

    well brick isn’t gonna have the drivers to drive the kids in nor are the routes done right so parents be prepared for a bumpy ride…..you think last year was bad just sit and wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WilliamFoster8

    Well it looks like one of the members of the montenegro team is ahving a good 1st qtr with her campaign finance job http://www.elec.state.nj.us/pdffiles/profcampfund_qtrlyrpts/Q1_2015/Q115_stephanie_wohlrab.pdf

  • Jennifer Reid

    This is horrible! Nepotism at its best. I think the Board was too quick to make a decision about Mr. Talty’s seat because the start of the new school year is quickly approaching. If the decision to approve Mr. Gagliardi had been better informed, his appointment might not have been considered. I’m beginning to think my husband is right. It’s time to pink slip Brick’s entire BOE and start from scratch with the elections in November.

    • WilliamFoster8

      Mike Conti, Frank Panucci, and John Barton voted against John Talty. it was the county superintendent who picked Gagliardi. Gagliardi has relative working in school so can’t vote any many things. Get ready for the Gilmore vs Montenegro pay per view coming to the nov election. $145million purse on backs of us taxpayers. the hell with the kids with these politicians