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Final Tally: Two Brick School Bus Drivers Laid Off

School Bus (File Photo/ Bill McChesney/Flickr)
School Bus (File Photo/ Bill McChesney/Flickr)

After months of debate over the inner workings of the Brick school district’s transportation department and a layoff that could have left 24 school bus drivers without jobs, the district has ultimately laid off two drivers.

The Board of Education on Thursday night ratified employment for 104 bus drivers. Some reductions in the department were made by way of attrition, though many were not needed since numerous bus routes to private schools were maintained by the district, including a bus route to Christian Brothers Academy and Red Bank Catholic high schools in Monmouth County. The board approved the routes to those schools Thursday as well, in which parents will pay $517 each to fund the bus. The private school parents can apply a monetary allotment they receive toward the route fee.

Though only two layoffs resulted from the shakeup in the transportation department, several drivers had their hours reduced from full time to part time status, said Interim Superintendent Richard Caldes.


The management of the transportation department will also change for the 2015-16 school year. Last month, the district hired Donald Wilson to serve as the departmental supervisor at a salary of $85,000 per year. Wilson replaces Joseph Sangiovanni, who was not offered a contract to return for the new school year.

  • vidboss .

    Toms River Schools needs licensed drivers. Please apply.

  • joseph jr

    Since the Business Administrator did not budget for approx 27 buss drivers, and now only 2 drivers are being reduced, where is Mr. Edwards going to find the hundreds of thousands of dollars necessary to balance his budget and pay for the many bus drivers slated to be laid off but are now not going to loss their jobs.
    Sounds very similiar to 5 years ago when Edwards, Hercenko and that BOE laided off teachers and cut middle school sports only to find that in June, The new BOE which included Talty, Reid and Cantillo who were on the Business/Finance Committee came up with over 5 Million in Surplus. Some things never change with this Business Adminitrator.

  • the truth

    This had nothing to do with Mr. Edwards. The plan to cut drivers came from Mr.Reid and was supported by Cantillo and Talty. The plan was given to the Manager of Transportation and he was told to make it happen. Mr. Edwards and Dr. Caldez where told to work with him to finalize this plan. Don’t forget the Board Approved the budget that included the reduction of 31 drivers. Mr. Edwards was told by Ms. Cantillo not to bring forward a budget that didn’t include the driver lay off plan.

    • WilliamFoster8

      ironic name ya got there “the truth” Reid wasn’t even on the board All Edwards who then blames boe behind scenes. Are you part of the Sangiovanni team or the Mntenegro team for the election? all u need 2 do is watch teh meeting videos The REAL truth on Edwards and Caldes will be coming soon enough

    • BillyBrick

      Still trying to run Transportation Joe? Sorry, no one believed you then, and they don’t believe you now. You and Edwards probably created this whole plan. Everyone knows how birds of a feather fly together, or maybe they ride the bus.

    • Anthony

      Hey Truth…. Talty wasn’t even on the board. Your rendition of “the truth” is pretty skewed. Everyone knew the drill. In at 9:00, coffee and newspaper in hand, feet up on the desk till noon, then a LONG LUNCH and out the door by 4:00. No wonder you don’t have a contract. Sound familiar Joe? You could have done us all a favor and taken your buddy Edwards with you, oh no, wait, the Prosecutor’s office is all over him.