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How Brick’s ‘No Knock’ Solicitation Ordinance Stacks Up Against Its Neighbors

Front Door. (Credit: Heather Elias/Flickr)
Front Door. (Credit: Heather Elias/Flickr)

In recent weeks, Toms River and Jackson have passed “no knock” ordinances, largely in response to cries from residents who have complained that members of Lakewood’s growing Orthodox Jewish community have been going door-to-door urging residents to sell their homes.

In one case relayed by the Asbury Park Press, a Jackson resident told the newspaper that an Orthodox man came to her door and said, “You really should sell your house. I’m sure you don’t want to be surrounded by Jews.”

Similar anecdotes have emerged from Toms River residents, prompting that town to enact its own “no knock” ordinance. In both the Jackson and Toms River ordinances, commercial enterprises that wish to solicit door-to-door must register with the township, limit soliciting to certain daytime hours and avoid homes on a “no knock” list. Violations of the ordinance in the two towns both include fines and even potential jail time.


In Brick, where there has been no outcry over Orthodox solicitation practices at any public meetings, a no-knock ordinance has been in place for years. The first ordinance governing soliciting dates back to 1970, with the latest revision having been adopted in 2014.

Under Brick’s ordinance, the following limitations are placed on door-to-door solicitors:

  • Anyone soliciting door-to-door must obtain a license to do so from the township.
  • Religious, nonprofit and political organizations are exempted.
  • No soliciting is allowed between 8 p.m. and 9 a.m.
  • “No person subject to the terms of this chapter shall conduct himself in such a manner as to become objectionable to or annoy an occupant of any house.”
  • Solicitors must show their solicitation license at the request of any resident or any police officer.
  • Licenses can be revoked if a solicitor commits fraud or misrepresents themselves on the license application or while doing business in town, if they are convicted or a crime, or if they conduct themselves in a manner “as to constitute a breach of the peace or to constitute a menace to the health, safety or general welfare of the public.”

Brick, like Jackson and Toms River recently created, maintains a no-knock list. The list, which is updated every Jan. 15 and July 15, is distributed to solicitors with their licenses. Residents can sign up for the list online, and if they wish, can visit the township clerk’s office at the municipal complex to receive a “no knock” decal to place on their front window or door for $1.

Solicitors are barred by ordinance from violating the “no knock” list provision, with penalties in Brick ranging from a solicitation license revocation for one year, to a permanent ban on license reinstatement, to fines and jail time. The penalties are covered under Brick’s General Penalty ordinance, which gives the township’s municipal court judge the power to impose a fine of not more than $2,000 and a jail term of up to 90 days – the same potential fines and jail term the Jackson and Toms River ordinances carry.

While the “no knock” registry has been in place in Brick for years, the township has taken steps more recently to restrict real estate development in light of Lakewood’s rapidly-expanding population and what some see as its encroachment on neighboring communities. In 2014, the township council adopted revisions to its zoning code that removed schools as a permitted use of property in residential neighborhoods and made it a conditional use.

The conditions under the ordinance effectively prohibit schools from being constructed in any residential neighborhood, since the revised ordinance requires they be built on a lot at least two acres in area with at least 200 feet of lot frontage. The ordinance also prohibits the principal building of any such school to be constructed within 40 feet of a public street or neighboring property. Additionally, schools would not be able to cover more than 30 percent of any lot, even if the other criteria were somehow able to be met.

Schools would also need ample space for a parking lot and the main access point of any school is prohibited from being located on a “lower order street” – which covers virtually all of the township’s residential neighborhoods.

Last year, the Jackson Township Zoning Board of Adjustment denied an application for an Orthodox all-girls high school to open up in a residential neighborhood. The school would have educated 400 students.

  • Trevor

    If one of them came on my property and said that to me… Good thing we don’t have a stand your ground law. It’s one thing when you push blacks and illegals out of their town, but when you try to push middle class white people out… Let’s just say, you’re in for a rude awakening.

    • no name

      So in your little world, it’s ok to push out blacks and others you don’t care for, but not ok to push the almighty white class. you have serious mental issues to deal with.

      • Gary Geiger

        he’s white. The world is made for him, all others are beneath him.

    • Spell Check

      Sorry to tell you but if you wont sell to them, your next door neighbor will sell to them when they offer him more then its worth & then there will be a family of 11 people from Guatemala living there you will reconsider…

      • Trevor

        and how did you reach this conclusion?

      • JW

        Trevor- that’s a common tactic. It is called ‘block busting’. It’s one of the oldest real estate scams in the world. Buy one property high, blight the hell out of it by putting in the worst possible tenants, and then buy up the rest of the neighborhood on the cheap.

      • Frank Rizzo

        Sounds a bit racists to me Mr Liberal.

      • JW

        That means a lot from someone who cries racism after someone calls you out for ranting about your irrational hatred of blacks and hispanics. 30 years ago, you’d probably have been the block buster in Newark going door to door in white neighborhoods saying ‘Hey, the moulinyans are coming my fellow paisan. One just moved in next door. They’re my tenants. Sell me your house at half its book value so I can flip it to some blacks for a lot more.’

      • A legal, American Citizen

        Spell check is under the assumption that all people are pushovers, and can be manipulated! When I come back to New Jersey and buy a home there, “NO ONE” will push me out! I will run them, their illegals, and criminals out of my neighborhood. That is the beautiful thing about moving to Florida, it has been like college for me.

    • Spell Check

      You know they are “pushing the blacks & illegals out of lakewood” so where are they going?? BRICK!

    • A legal, American Citizen

      I know how you feel, But be careful what you say! I am a NJ Native, and I bought a house for my family in Florida, and the stand your ground law is for threats to your person that occur anywhere other than your home or car, Castle law covers you in your home and car. And unless if they try to enter your vehicle or home, or commit a felony against you (Aggravated assault is a felony, even if it is not potentially deadly), you can not shoot and kill them! This is why everyone thinks it is the wild west here in Florida, because there is a poor understanding of the law! It just happens to be that the Police/Sheriffs dept. refuses to do anything to reduce the crime here, so we the people have to be our own first responders! Be thankful that you can afford to stay in NJ where police response is not regularly over 1hr & 30min. away! New Jersey truly is the Great Garden State!!

  • Trevor

    I’m not saying that I am okay with it. It is those who are committing the acts that are okay with it. In the grand scheme of things, I am just stating the truth. I don’t agree or disagree, simply observation.

    • realtor

      Actually it’s called steering which is illegal that’s when you tell a certain community not to move some where or to another location . Or if you pass ordinances to stop people from moving in.
      Being jewish doesn’t mean that you are not an American .
      The anti semetic remarks are all coming out.
      Actually the first one to sell will get more than their value . As more jewish people want to move in the value of the other properties will go up.
      We are in America people should be allowed to live where they want to live. The Jewish people are known to stick together. What’s so wrong maybe we can learn from them.

      As for the abusers who move in rentals . Is it illegal to rent to people ? If there is overcrowding or, noise, or any other issues I’m sure the township of brick, jackson, and toms river have ordinances how to deal with it.

      Nobody chased anyone out people decided to move and the middle class is having a hard time to find rentals .

      • Trevor

        This isn’t about anti-semitism, it’s about greed. And don’t group people of standard Jewish faith with Orthodox Jews. I know people from the Jewish faith who think they are a discrace to their religion. With that being said, it’s totally acceptable for a group of common race/creed people to move into an area and live together, that has been seen everywhere. They have done this with Lakewood and in many ways have made it “their town”. That’s all well and good but now they are attempting to push people from neighboring communities and claim them for their own and expand on already settled, established communities and isolate them and make them Orthodox Jewish communities, renting and building for only Orthdox purposes. This is greed. A group in the 30s wanted to force people from their homes and make communities exclusive to their own beliefs and ways of life, they were the Nazis. I make no distiction between what i see happening in this senecio, and what happened back then. They have Lakewood, to seek to take more communities is simply greed.

      • Frank Rizzo

        It is a group who could care less about the main stream or others unfortunately.

      • realtor

        Racial steering refers to the practice in which real estate brokers guide prospective home buyers towards or away from certain neighborhoods based on their race.
        What are the new ordinance of the township ? To steer jewish people away .

        Blockbusting was a business process of U.S. real estate agents and building developers to convince white property owners to sell their house at low prices out of fear that persons of color will soon move into the neighborhood. The agents then sold the houses at much higher prices to black families desperate to escape the overcrowded ghettos.[1] Blockbusting became possible after the legislative and judicial dismantling of legally protected racially segregated real estate practices after World War II, but by the 1980s it largely disappeared as a business practice after changes in law and the real estate

        Here are people asking to buy a home over market value ? This isn’t block busting
        Yes if somone is using the jews are coming tactic that’s illegal. Once one jewish person moves in the next one will move in because they are a caring community trying to be productive people in society . Will you have a problem if a Chinese muslim. Buddhist . Or any other religious, ethnic, member of a community that isn’t like who you are moves in and wants to build a church ,mosque or private school ?
        Now the white people did this to the black people
        Now the white people are getting the middle man out and paying the Jewish people over market value, not block busting . Maybe it should be illegal to pay or sell a home over market value ?
        IT’S America not NAZI Germany. Wake up!!!!

        I just wonder from the above comments . Lakewood cleaned up their bad areas by allowing duplexes and building new homes for buyers and rentals, and affordable housing . Maybe brick jackson and toms river should do the same.

      • Spell Check

        I have a good idea that you are one of the local members of lakewood. The historical town of Lakewood, was turned it into a horrible place over 10s of years to then tear the areas down to make there duplexes and communities, nobody benefits but the sheltered little community they create. Many avoid taxes with religious laws, which lead to destroy the infrastructure of lakewood so it became there town. people are ignorant to these things. im not a racist or anti-semit. im just alerting the people of brick these things.

        “Actually the first one to sell will get more than their value . As
        more jewish people want to move in the value of the other properties
        will go up.” where did you come up with that?

        you must mean when someone sells there house and a family of illegals move in a few doors down, over the course of 2 years the home iv lived in for 20 years is no longer safe and i must sell for the safety of my children, buying my home in brick NJ because it was THE SAFEST CITY IN AMERICA! at one point i want that back again but the harsh reality is is it will become a worse environment with this latest obstacle

      • JW

        These jokers want to dress up their scam in the nicest possible way. Lakewood was bad, and the little theocracy has made it infinitely worse. Replacing drug gangs with medieval gangs that abuse women, children and ‘outsiders’ isn’t a solution at all. Nor is living in a place where everyone is on welfare and refuses to work because they have to pray to their imaginary god.

  • Spell Check

    Wake up brick, my aunt was offered cash for her home this week by a soliciting man from lakewood. They will be buying bricktown up slowly, Its called block busting they used this practice to take over Lakewood; slowly destroying it, neighborhood by neighborhood deliberately putting in bad renters forcing everyone out, destroying property values till they own everything. people need to wake up and see whats going on….

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    Oh the Hasidics are doing it, except here in Brick we slam the door in their faces. I can relate a story from a friend of mine who lives off a side street on 88 West. Her neighbor had a knock on the door and it was a Hasidic lady who at first was nice, wanted to know if she was interested in selling the home and the reply was NO. So then the Hasidic lady became more aggressive, what was surprising is that a Hasidic lady was doing this at all, usually they aren’t allowed to do anything except to pop out kids and take care of them. So she gets more aggressive, my friends neighbor gets more pissed and THEN the Hasidic Lady says, I can make this worth you while. She takes off her boot and there is money in it, thousands of dollars which she told the neighbor that she would use as a down payment and then made another offer on the house WAY more than it was worth, the neighborhood lady said she almost fainted and actually considered it, but finally told the lady to get off her property, to not come back and slammed the door in her face. My question is, why do they want the houses so bad that they would offer a lot more than the house and property is worth?

    • Spell Check

      Some of the people from “lakewood” will buy that one home in the neighborhood, they will rent it out to illegal familys that pay extra $$ and have 2 family’s living in a little home and they says nothing, or rent to drug dealers and section 8 they will put horrible people in that home driving everyone to sell the houses of the neighborhood one by one till they own everything, this process can take years and years but they will own the whole section of the town they take over. then they will tear down everything private towns with townhouses & anti-assimilation with the other cultures. Do your research Lakewood was once a great nj city before becoming a ghetto and now it is a Jewish sanctuary. its simple they will expand all the way toward the water which brick is located on. drive through Lakewood you will see what happened, it happens in NYC as well do your research people.

      • Spell Check

        they pay a premium on the first few homes to entice the people in the neighborhood to sell, guess what not everyone on your street is making there bills easily and a cash offer to buy is simple to think about especially over home value. after paying more for the first one the rest of the block will sell faster with shitty neighbors, (people that are dangerous & bring drugs lets not be ignorant to this.) they get the home values to plummet so fast its sad. the only winner honestly is the first to sell everyone else is in for a dangerous path for this town.

      • avgjoe

        this is happening in SE Ct by the casinos (not the hasidics) but people are buying houses converting rooms to sleep 6-8 & renting them out to foreign workers at the casinos who work different shifts & charging them all rent. So they are renting the same unit 3 times (3 different shifts

    • Maggie

      I can tell you exactly what the tactic is here. She gives this homeowner the down payment, and then on closing day the buyer will say, “That’s too much for that house,” and try to cheat the homeowner out of 10s of thousands of dollars because she’s got her cornered. It often works because people are not planning for the buyer to pull such a dirty move. Do NOT sell to them, preserve your neighborhoods. This same thing is happening in Orange County, NY, where I live, and Rockland and Sullivan. Form preservation committees with your neighbors, form closed groups on Facebook, link up to towns facing the same crap, take control of what happens where you live. Corrupt politicians and developers do NOT have your interests in mind, all they want is cash. Also, some of you people need to cool it with the racist tone you are displaying. It’s not only ugly, it’s also what your Lakewood neighbors who covet your land will use as a weapon against you. And your local politicians will take their side because they are being handsomely bribed to do so.

  • JW

    If it keeps the Hassidic theocracy out of Brick, I am all for it.

  • Sunterra

    They are F’in taking over the area. Chasing out the bad element from Lakewood into the surrounding towns. Do the math. They walk around anyplace that is free with their 3, 4, or 5 kids. 3, 4, 5 kids have kids,,,, what’s it like around here in twenty years. I’m not long for this area…. I’m outta here. You come to America, act like an American.

    • Diane Maier

      something you should know is that if they have 13 people living in their house that they claim as “family” they can call it a “religion” and pay no taxes or expenses on the house…. it that doesn’t ruin the tax structure of a town .. nothing can.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Know your enemies. Those you are not allowed to criticize are the one who rule over you. You the middle class are at War. And you don’t even know it. And even worse you are losing ….I tried warning everyone but no one wanted to listen. ….I do not even feel bad any more, you all had plenty of time to wake up and fight back….but fat , lazy and dumbdown dependent is much easier.

    “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.” -Thomas Jefferson

  • Mark Story Jenks

    I wouldn’t sell them my house for ten million. Maybe eleven million.

  • Gary Geiger

    WHY exempt religious organizations????????

    • Frank Rizzo

      Ask the Federal Supreme Court….you cannot oppress or exclude…religions….the only religion open to attack is Christian

  • Frank Rizzo

    Learn from the Hasidics and stick togeather…do for each other and let the politically correct be dammed. I see no political correctness on Hispanic TV channels…why only ours.

  • realcheeseyo

    They are coming hard at Brick. The amount of building going on Lakewood is shameful and more than likely not legal.

  • Frank Rizzo

    I think they want Jackson and Howell more to use the raw land to build what they want. Brick is in danger but they want raw open land more than existing homes like here.

  • BrickJoel

    Please !! all they [ Lakewood ] has to do is say the words of: Law Suit against Brick…. and we bend over and cave in..” Look at every condo development that is happening around the town. we say no – they say “sue” – we say “ok – just kidding”… look at who’s on the planning board. When the big city crumbles – they will be the FIRST ONE’S OUT OF HERE!!
    Say – Who’s on the planning board ? we want to remember their names when the time comes,, so we can thank them personally. No personal accountability for their actions!

  • Robert

    Cultural expansion can be good for the economy, but when it undermines the economy, makes it less diverse, big problems ahead. I would not call Lakewood Main St. or Ramapo big participation economies. On the other hand, Pt. Pleasant, long a favorite of the Orthodox is. So there is a sociology lesson here. No reason why Ocean County college students cannot attend the Orthodox college in Lakewood is there? Dr. Stein, you really should have known better. The Orthodoxy needs to be inclusive if it expects to be included…very simple economics.