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Kayak Storage Coming to Traders Cove

Traders Cove Marina and Park. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Traders Cove Marina and Park. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

A mayoral trip to a borough-owned marina in Belmar has ended up being a fortuitous one for local kayakers.

Mayor John Ducey said he recently took a tour of Belmar’s municipal marina to see how the operation in run – a sort of scouting mission to gather ideas for Traders Cove. One of the ideas the mayor came home with: kayak storage racks.

“You can rent them for the year, and that way you won’t have to worry about lugging them in your car, putting them through your SUV windows, all that crazy stuff,” said Ducey.


The cost of the racks will be minimal, as the township’s Public Works employees will be able to build them in-house, Ducey said. Construction on the racks was set to begin this week, and will take about three weeks in all to be completed.

  • Art Sholty..FF (R)

    All of a sudden Traders Cove Marina is a gold mine…………what happened???? Remember, just a few years back it was the subject of negative remarks by the Democratic boo birds. Additionally, it was the Republican administration who prevailed and completed this wonderful addition for the citizens of Brick….”THE JEWEL OF SOUTH JERSEY.” Thanks S.

    • JW

      The ‘Jewel of South Jersey’? Are you high or just senile? I think most of the town would rather it have been handled by the private sector- some sort of development of vacation homes or a privately owned marina would have been preferable and paying lots more in taxes than the paltry fees it currently generates under a public management team more suited for collecting trash and sending out police than running a business.

      Instead, the Brick Republicans became the biggest commies west of Moscow and decided to try to socialize hockey and a marina. Thanks guys- FOR NOTHING!

      • Stephen Kuber

        lived here all my life and thankful to see we are keeping something for those who are here already instead of discoloring it all to be what many chose to get away from. Truth be known, I miss it as a population of 6000. I enjoyed sparse traffic and having time to know a block of neighbors. In the rush to prove what we all could build and become, we lost what we found most attractive ….our home town feeling.

      • JW

        Times have changed. This place ain’t all pine trees and clam diggers anymore. That being said, why the hell did the town plow millions into the Traders Cove that we have no feasible way of ever recovering? Charging a few people for kayak storage will never generate a million dollars in 100 years, nor will licensing a food stand. The town Republicans decided they wanted to embrace communism to build their own little feudal kingdom with them at the helm. Now we are stuck and poorer for it! THANKS FOR NOTHING ACROPOLIS, BRANDO, SANGIOVANNI AND THE REST OF YOU! ‘Jewel of South Jersey’ my fat ass!

  • Mark Story Jenks

    Kayaks are peaceful and quite compared to jet skis.

  • JJones

    Well the past history is just that Past History ..The question now is what are you going to do for us now going foward…We have out of control , Crime ,Heroin ,Drugs , Taxes….Empty homes … Stop living in the past thats over with we need plans for the future ..and I dont hear anyone mentioning what they are ..Its always what they did and what they didnt Do Lets hear whats right for our town … and lets go forward…