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No Passing Zones Coming to Portions of Route 88 in Brick

Route 88 (Credit: Google Maps)
Route 88 (Credit: Google Maps)

The state Department of Transportation has recommended a number of “no passing” zones on Route 88 in Brick following a recent traffic safety investigation.

Under the state’s recommendation, no passing zones would be created in three areas of the roadway – milepost 6.76 near the intersection with Adams Drive; milepost 7.1 near the intersection with Sullivan Road; and milepost 7.76 in the vicinity of the intersection with Arthur Avenue.

The first zone is near Midstreams Road, the second is just south of Jordan Road and the final zone is near the Point Pleasant border, near the Sundae’s ice cream parlor.


The township council voiced its support for the no passing zones at a meeting Tuesday, passing a resolution supporting the state’s recommendation that they be created.

  • Trevor

    I don’t really see why you’d ever pass anyone there anyway.

  • Concerned Brick Resident

    the township council should be more worried about tearing down those abandoned gas stations on 88,rather then this !