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QuickChek Store, Gas Station Planned Near Busy Brick Intersection

Route 70, near the intersection with Brick Boulevard. (Credit: Google Maps)
Route 70, near the intersection with Brick Boulevard. (Credit: Google Maps)

A 15,000 square foot QuickChek store that will include a gas station is being proposed for the intersection of Route 70 and Brick Boulevard at the site of the former Crown Bank building.

The township’s planning board will consider the plan, proposed by D&J Realty Corp., at a meeting scheduled for Wednesday night. According to planning documents, the site would occupy what is presently three separate lots on a plot of land that resembles a rounded-off triangle.

The QuickChek convenience store would occupy 15,496 square feet. The size of the gas station was not listed in a notice about the application before the planning board, though the notice said it would include a canopy and signage.


The project requires several variances:

  • A front yard setback of 66.5 feet where 75 feet is required.
  • The ability to erect two monument signs instead of one, and to have the signs measure 120 square feet instead of 50 square feet, which is the maximum under township ordinances.
  • The ability to place a sign 92 feet outside of the property line, where a setback of 15 feet is required.
  • The ability to have three wall signs instead of one.

Locally, QuickChek operates a store with a gas station on Route 9 in Bayville, and a standalone store in Point Pleasant Borough.

The planning board meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday at the township municipal complex on Chambers Bridge Road.

  • JW

    Too bad they’ll have to knock down that nifty building.

    • realcheeseyo

      Seriously it is a cool building.

  • JO

    The building is 5.496, not 15,496

  • Frank Rizzo

    Make it happen…do what you need to do to make it happen

  • SB

    Make it Wawa and I’m in.

  • Spell Check

    quick check is good for over here, wish they brought a SHEETZ to nj

  • JJones

    good move to get rid of another empty building and jobs for locals ??

    • JW

      Just what the world needs- more minimum wage dead end jobs.

  • JJones

    Hey Jw .

    I know your making. If bucks but a high school or college kids need some place to work to get money college and basic expenses.. Have to start some place…You Did…

    • JW

      In the ‘new normal’, those aren’t just places to start out- they’re places you stay forever now. I’d rather see it become a professional services building frankly, or maybe a bank.

      • SoWhat?

        Then buy it yourself and make it whatever you want.