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Thulen Drops Out of Brick BOE Race, Endorses John Talty

Mike Thulen (Campaign Photo)
Mike Thulen (Campaign Photo)

Mike Thulen has dropped out of the Brick school board race and has endorsed John Talty for the seat both men were seeking.

Talty is effectively running for his own seat, from which he resigned earlier this year after his recovery from open heart surgery was not progressing as quickly as planned. But after his recovery sped up in the weeks following his resignation, he sought to rescind it. Several votes to reinstate Talty resulted in a 3-3 tie, leading the county superintendent of schools to appoint Vito Gagliardi, Sr., a former state education commissioner who is a Brick resident, to the seat temporarily.

Thulen, a former township council member, said he recently had a conversation with Talty, after which he felt Talty deserved the seat.


“The reason I stepped up to the plate because I felt I could be a lightning rod to get things done,” said Thulen. “I’d rather see him win as a known individual. I would not want to take votes away from him.”

John Talty
John Talty

Thulen immediately put to bed the rumor that would have doubtlessly cropped up – that he could be seeking to regain a seat on the township council following the departure of Dan Toth from the Republican ticket.

“I’m not running for council,” Thulen said.

He suggested anyone who was planning on voting for him in the BOE race now shift their votes to Talty.

“We know what he’s trying to do for us, for the kids and the taxpayers,” Thulen said.

  • Frank Rizzo

    A recycled has been Thulen was anyway…we need our own Trump here.

    • the truth

      You are right both Thulen and Talty are recycled. We need new people who will make their own minds up and not be told what to do by Mrs. Cantillo. The truth of the matter in this case is that a back room deal was made between Cantillo, Talty and Thulen. In return for Mr. Thulen backing out of the race and endorsing Mr. Talty they would endorse Mrs. Iannarone for one of the open seats on the BOE. Mrs. Iannarone is Mr. Thulen’s long time girlfriend. When this happens we are back to where we were and the district will continue to go backwards.

      • anniesez

        I guess the Grassy Knoll was pretty crowded in Texas, Mrs. Cantillo, Mr. Talty and Mr. Thulen were there also it seems. “the truth” is, Joe you are never getting your job back, no matter who is elected to the Board of Education, but a nice try I must admit.

      • the truth

        I don’t know who you think I am but it sure sounds like you drank the kool Aid…. Your friends will not win next time around and they will be lucky to stay out of jail.

      • anniesez

        Not so hard to find out who is who. Confidentiality isn’t what it used to be. If I were you, I’d be worried about a trip to Wildwood and keeping myself out of jail my friend.

      • joseph jr

        The Truth??? where is your proof that your twisted mind comes up with such
        bull? I spoke with Mr. Talty and he stated to me that “he spoke with Mike Thulen
        and he said he welcomed Mike into the race. No hard feelings”

        On your statement that Ms. Cantillo controls Mr. Talty thinking and thus how
        he votes or doesn’t vote, Mr. Talty statement was the following quote ” since I
        have been on the BOE Nobody, I repeat Nobody tells me how to vote”

        On your theory that a deal has been struck as you outline above, again Mr.
        Talty stated to me that no such deal was discussed,” Not going to happen”.

        So Mr. or Ms Truth what is going to be you reaction when this does not
        happen?? Better still why don’t you call Mr. Talty, phone is in the telephone book and ask him directly the questions or comments you post on this site. Mr.Talty would be happy to answer your charges and perhaps change your attitude towards him and most of the people who serve on the BOE, with NO compensation. It is now up to you to put up or shut up??

      • the truth

        You will see who is telling the truth in November…

      • Herb

        If you want the truth, ask Mike Thulen why he is deflecting the issue of his gal Madeline Iannarone running with an active foreclosure on her house? Great idea, let’s shift attention to Talty so no one looks at Maddie. The Sangiovanni team at it again. Vote Finnamore and Iannarone, the best grifters in Brick. Finnamore is right up there with Sangiovanni on the list of bankruptcies. Next they will file chapter 13 for the Brick Schools. Can the schools go into foreclosure? Ask Madeline.

      • BillyBrick

        Ask Madeline what number foreclosure this is for her. Not the first. Finnamore is a frequent flyer too. Sangiovanni wrote the manual. Sangiovanni team will hold classes if elected on how to beat the system in style.

      • Frank Rizzo

        Is she a secretary for the township….why would her home be foreclosing if she is working.

      • Herb

        She’s on the public dole also. She was given a job in the Brick Recreation Dept when her boyfriend was a Brick councilman. You know what they say about bed fellows. Also look into some of the township boards she sits on. You don’t sit on those boards without a R connection. Hook up with a councilman and the world is your oyster. Just can’t figure out why he is not paying for her house? But why pay the cow when you get the milk for free?

  • lazereye

    i wasn’t voting for either of them

    • Herb

      Your eyesight must need an adjustment.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Look at all the dealings for a non paid job. It’s so obvious. It’s hilarious

  • JJones

    Talty should be given another chance …good guy ..Alway thinking of the kids …

  • corner post

    We all know the Sangiovanni Team is Iannarone, Finnamore, and that Alana PineBelt pinup poster girl. Iannarone will sweet talk her way right upstairs to Transportation and help out her old friend Joe. Maybe she will head up the Transportation committee for him. Mike has dropped out because he wants to get back on the council,

  • BillyBrick

    Don’t take your eye off the prize here folks. The Brick Board of Education’s Attorney position ($$$$) will change if the Montenegro teams get in. His candidates are:George White, one of his frequent clients and retired Jackson Administrator, Victoria Pakalak runs the Brick Farmers Market, and Stefanie Wohlwrap heads up the team for democratic fundraising. But let’s not forget John Lamela, who sold t-shirts with Dan Rosa, and no stranger to bankruptcy. Lamela is in the Jackson education club just like Mrs.Crate, who Montenegro used to replace Lydecker on the Brick Township Council.

    One must ask why, a teacher (Crate), disciplinarian (Lamela )and retired administrator (White) all from Jackson, where Mr. Montenegro is the Board attorney, want to have volunteer positions in Brick Township? He already has John Barton, a Jackson teacher, on the Brick Board of Ed.

    Not only is Montenegro attempting to take back the Brick Board of Ed, he is grasping at the council by also appointing Crate. Who will he bring back next, Woska??? Oh no, he can’t. He is still suing the Brick Board of Education and collecting big legal $$$$$ with the Woska – Persi case

    Stay tuned for the latest….. Today Brick, tomorrow, Montenegro will give Trump a run for his money.