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Authorities: Lakewood Couple Fraudulently Took $150K in Benefits


A joint investigation between a state agency and the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office culminated in criminal charges against a pair of Lakewood residents who collectively received more than $150,000 in state benefits to which they were not entitled. 

Yosaf Laskin, 43, and his wife Gila Neger, 42, both of Lakewood, are charged with theft by feception. Neger is charged with a third degree crime while Laskin faces a second degree charge. 

​The investigation by the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, with assistance from the NJ State Comptroller’s Office, alleges Laskin failed to indicate accurate income information on applications made by him for Medicaid benefits. Prosecutors say he and his family received unlawful benefits in excess of $145,000. Gila Neger’s charges stem from failing to provide accurate income information in regard to applications for food stamp assistance, ultimately receiving benefits for herself and her family in excess of $5,500.


​The couple was arrested Tuesday at approximately 7:30 a.m. at their South Lake Shore Drive home without incident, officials said. Bail was set by the Superior Court Judge Wendel Daniels at $75,000 cash for Laskin and $5,000 cash for Neger.  

  • doledart

    Shocker! {that’s sarcasm folks}

  • BrickJoel

    please – just go to Walmart or WaWa – watch these people whip out their EBT cards trying to purchase things that they shouldn’t or buy up everything they can.. then drive off in their new cars while living in nice homes… While the “Real People” – who “Actually Need It” – can’t get it….!!

    Just look under Craigs list – rooms wanted – hundreds of people posting that they have “cash jobs” – while receiving “guaranteed monthly income”… looking for a cheap rental share. Once they move in – they won’t move out- cry to the state with every excuse while not paying any rent. meanwhile – they work cash, get food stamps and health care while ‘Riding the Tax Payers” – system…. Hope there are many more to come!!

    We have friends who lost everything, their cars,trucks, their homes – due to job loss – down size – with a family – they struggled and lost everything – to only to find themselves sharing with friends. When they tried to get assistance – they were denied for all kinds of excuses. Sad – and Broken system..!

  • Mark Story Jenks

    There is a tremendous amount of this going on, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • JW

    Not that we didn’t already know Lakewood’s Orthodox have been cheating the benefits system. Get a job you bums!

    • Frank Rizzo

      Racist…does not sound too tolerant my liberal foe

      • JW

        Do you ever shut up?

  • Frank Rizzo

    Can you tell me why the Ocean County Welfare office is located on Route 9 about 100 yards from the Howell Township line or Monmouth County. Why do we cater to these people so much. Why not a central location for the rest of the county’s poor.