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Brick Council Introduces Regulations on Deliveries, Storage of Firewood

Firewood (Credit: Christine Kongsvik/Flickr)
Firewood (Credit: Christine Kongsvik/Flickr)

Responding to complaints from numerous residents, the Brick Township Council on Tuesday night introduced a new ordinance introducing several regulations on the storage and delivery of firewood in the township.

“There have been reports of wood being cut around the clock and the noise has been unbearable for some people,” said Council President Paul Mummolo.

The ordinance introduced Tuesday night limits deliveries of firewood to two in 30 days, prohibits storage in front yard after 10 days from the initial delivery date, and requires that firewood must be stored at least three feet from lot lines between homes. Under the ordinance, a homeowner would be limited to either a single delivery of log-length material each month, or two deliveries of split-length wood each month.


Firewood stored on the side or rear lot of a home “shall be effectively screened from view” from the front yard or the street, the ordinance states. Firewood stored outdoors must be stored in “neat, secure stacks,” the ordinance states, and should not be stacked more than four feet tall except if positioned against a fence – in which case it can be stacked as high as the fence.

No residence may have more than two cords of wood stored at any time, and no more than one-fourth of a fireplace of cord can be stored on a porch, according to the ordinance. Storage on a front porch must be in a metal storage device.

Additionally, the ordinance states that “brush, debris and refuse” from the processing of firewood must be disposed of within 10 days.

Finally, firewood present on a residential property must be for personal use only – not for resale.

The ordinance provides fines for violations under the township’s general penalty – a fine not exceeding $2,000, 90 days or less in the county jail, or 90 days of community service. The general penalty, in practice, is often applied to a significant less harsh extent than provided for in the township code. According to the code, owners would have at least 30 days to abate any violations.

The ordinance will be up for a public hearing prior to final adoption, which will occur at the Oct. 6 council meeting.


Correction: This story, in its original version, attributed the following quote to Mayor John Ducey. It was, in fact, Council President Paul Mummolo’s quote:

“There have been reports of wood being cut around the clock and the noise has been unbearable for some people,” said Council President Paul Mummolo.

  • Chief Wahoo

    People can sell whatever they own. They don’t need approval from government.

    • TomP

      Unless they are selling items as a business. Most residential zones do not permit business uses.

  • Dead_Andy_Breitbart

    Is there anything this friggin’ town wont regulate?


    As in, there are already laws on the books to deal with situations like this.

  • Scott

    Just nuts

  • Cooler Heads

    A former neighbor of mine cut wood all day long Monday to Saturday. In the fall it went on from 9 am until 6 pm every day. Not on Sunday only because of the noise ordinance. The local noise ordinance was not violated. The firewood was sold, A landscaper/tree trimmer delivered logs on a large flat bed truck or a dump truck multiple times each day. Almost ever square foot of the property including the front yard was stacked as high as you could reach with wood. The Township sent violations because he blocked the view down the street. He also was issued a violation because he used to burn all the debris in big garbage cans in the driveway. He denied that he was running a business, claiming he was giving the wood to friends not selling it. I actually did not mind the burning as i liked the smell but others hated it. The neighbor then had a group of guys loading a truck and delivering the wood. If you never lived next to one of these rude obnoxious neighbors you do not know how bad this can be. He was a renter so the property owner eventually evicted him because he paid rent only for the first couple months. As with most things, a jerk causes a regulation. If people had a little respect these laws would not be needed.

    • SoWhat?

      You. Must live in Riviera Bch section of Herbertsville. Guy on 19th ave I think used to keep entire front yard filled with wood. It was unbelievable

      • Baldy

        If u have a problem with the firewood. Move away. We have been burning wood over 45 year so worry about your own stuff not other people

    • JW

      There was another house on Herberstville Road that did this. It was a truly blighted place. If you want to run a business out of the house, fine, but keep it from becoming a nuisance. If neighbors are calling about it, that’s what it’s become.

      We got a guy on our block that clearly is running an illegal car repair business out of his garage. Not that I really care so much about that so much, but it’s right on Lanes Mill Road and the place makes crack houses look nice- and I don’t think he even does drugs at all, so there’s no excuse for it to look like that. Plus all the cars on that end of the street make it hard to turn. More than one car there at the stop sign and forget it. I don’t know what the town is doing about it, code enforcement has a reputation here for being lax on everything except cutting grass. If you’re not gonna pay taxes on a cash business like that then at least pick up a rake, trim the trees and paint the damn house.

  • Annoyed resident

    WOW what else can brick regulate next, how much free air you’re allowed to breathe while in the town? Wtf does everyone pay property taxes for? Apparently youre not allowed to do anything on “your” property. Im a mechanic and have gotten several “ordinance violations” for working on my own vehicle in my own driveway, what a joke. Sorry im not going to pay a shop to do the work that im capable of doing myself at my house for MUCH cheaper. Pretty soon the residents of brick will be prisoners in their own homes….what a joke, your town isnt as high class as you might think it is. Worry about something important like the hundreds of peoe who are drug addicts, or overdosing and dying on the daily. Not about friggin firewood storage, or someone working on there vehicle. Towns a joke, time to get out.

  • Frank Rizzo

    We need better zoning and code enforcement in this town. I am certainly glad to see that JW has left his liberal ways and agrees with me. Welcome to being a conservative JW.

    • JW

      Shut up Frank- if anything this is big government stateism that you constantly whine about. If a white person gets a ticket, you’ll probably start crying racism since you want to be a victim of imaginary minority oppression.

    • hardworker

      code enforcement really .. they cant even knock on your door to see if someone has licences for pets or what work contractors are doing inside without permits, even if someone complains.but if your lucky enough to have some wood to keep your family warm lookout.

  • Mark Story Jenks

    Looks like a couple of screwballs are making it tough for the rest of us. Looks that way to me.

    • Joseph Woolston Brick

      Or do the people that are complaining have connections?

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    It’s bad enough we live in a nanny state, now we have a nanny town. What’s next a permit to fart in my own yard? Will I have to stick my finger in the air and see which way the wind is blowing before I let one rip, will I have to buy fart suppressing underwear? I want to see all these hundreds of complaints about firewood and while we’re at it the bamboo complaints as well. Is it hundreds of complaints, thousands? OR is it just a few well connected people that are friends with the Mayor or someone on the council. Inquiring minds want to know.

  • getoutmyyard

    how about the little guy trying to save $ for hi taxes burning free wood to keep his family warm being self sufficant not taking gov handouts. almost 4 cords needed for average winter /house.you think it just comes aged/dryed no more than 2 cords a time when needed.its hardwork firewood, bet non of these law makers and complainers could do it or have to,they just want control not freedom.Regulate the dealers not the homeowners.

  • Drumpoint

    As I seem to be getting older , my comments are placed with more pause. Actually this is my third attempt.)) This potential code is not based upon facts but only appearance, allow me to explain. The average wood burner will use between 4-6 cords of wood a year to heat. Seasoned wood is wood let to dry for at least 1 year. This dry wood will produce higher BTU’s to heat the home, as opposed to wet wood. Wet wood when burned produces more smoke and a pungent odor while building up more creosote resin in the chimney. This resin build up is the concern as it is the fuel which feeds chimney fires. Creosote can tar up a flue in as fast as two week or sooner if green or wet wood is used. Most alternative fuel users/wood burners are smart to buy and stock the green wood a year ahead to get the lower price and cure it in their own yard. This process is one used here since in NJ since the colonists. (Honestly they used more wood.) The complaint seems to be due to someone who helps others out who may have health or age issues that can no longer do this for themselves. Are we a town so demanding and narrow minded as to stop others from doing Christian acts of kindness, have we as a community gone to this extreme? Try to tell others that they can only have economy size cars or only bright colored cars for traffic safety. Perhaps only two or three cars to a family. Or houses with bath tubs cannot also have hot tubs or pools. I have lived here over 60 years and I still remember people building a boat in their yard on weekends and Sundays being family days. So create ordinances to close business on Sundays and lessen traffic, re-create a day for family time, maybe even get the chance to know and build a relationship within the community as a volunteer fireman or the like. Don’t take cheap shots, they only belittle you in the end. Trust me there is an end we all will one day face.

  • JJones

    Why is it anyones business how much firewood someone has on there property ..If they are burning wood to save money on oil or gas …This is a crazy thing and a waste of time isnt there more important thngs to control like herion, pills , drugs , crime ….TAXES ..

    • KaayC

      Not sure JJ , but it might now be cheaper and cleaner to use oil or gas with reduced fuel prices. Do any posters know for sure?

  • adrian0512

    Why is it everyone’s goal in life to annoy their neighbors? Can’t anyone mind their own business in this town anymore? Used to be nice when you knew most of your neighbors. Everyone looked out for each other, and there was none of this tattling to the code enforcement or calling the police every time you didn’t like something that someone else was doing. People need to get a job, or a hobby, stop looking for reasons to complain. You would think everyone in this town were 90+ years old for crying out loud.

    • Baldy

      I hear that Adrian class of 89 they don’t leave us alone. Been here our whole lives.

  • Marley

    How about enforcing some of the ordinances already on the books, such as removing junk cars from driveways that have been sitting there at least 20 years and obviously unregistered and uninsured, while parking their other cars in the street on a dangerous curve in the road. Also, removing garbage and recycling bins from the street or front yard well after collection day instead of being so lazy that it’s just too much. How about mowing your weeds and cleaning up your yard so it doesn’t look like you just don’t give a damn. The police could also enforce parking on the right side of the street instead of any way you please. With respect to the storing of wood, if it’s for your own use, chop it, pile it and be done. Don’t take the entire season and then leave your yard an eyesore for everyone else to enjoy.

  • TomP

    Umm, doesn’t this ordinance contradict itself? You can’t store the wood within 3 feet of a property line. And you can’t store it taller than 4 feet unless it is against a fence? aren’t most fences ON a property line?? So as long as you have a fence, you can store firewood against the fence and right on the property line???

    Someone must have taken common core math and writing.

    • Diane Frank

      USUALLY fences have to be a few ft off the property line

      • TomP

        Depends, the front yard usually. Side yards and rear yards are allowed to be on the property line.

  • Marley

    I just love the house on Constitution Drive with the freezer in the front yard obscured by the motor cycle with a cover on it. Guess our police can’t see the danger in that or the ordinance violation. Plus the rest of the unkempt yard. It’s a pleasure driving by since the road is the only way in or out of the development. How that was passed by the Township is beyond me, but that’s on me for moving here. It’s a shame because this development started out really nice. I’m all for saving money any way you can and I love the smell of a fireplace or wood burning stove, but I don’t think it’s necessary or acceptable to let the rest of your yard look like a pig sty. Have a little pride in your home and hearth.

  • Andy Pat

    After Sandy I collected wood from downed trees. Split them on the empty lot next door (that I own). I use some for my woodstove, chiminea, and camping. Some I give away as Christmas presents. I continue to do this and never have more than 5 cord. I guess I am in violation of this new draconian ordinance. I understand the need for regulations but this one clearly goes too far.

  • Larena Blake

    Noise from wood cutting is a problem for some people??? How about the noise from all the construction that seems to be getting nowhere or people’s houses shaking or property getting ripped up????!!! People need to find better things to complain about. Most people work and maybe can’t chop wood at a convenient time for everyone else! Let’s try making ordinances about more important things or better yet we pay enough taxes how about we live our lives and enjoy our homes and families instead of worrying about USELESS ordinances!!!