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How Can Brick Become More Business-Friendly?

Brick Plaza (Photo: Federal Realty)
Brick Plaza (Photo: Federal Realty)

The Brick Township Council this week unanimously voted to formally adopt an ordinance that will bring Mayor John Ducey’s plan to waive permit fees for small businesses occupying vacant spaces to fruition. The plan waives permit fees for businesses that move into a storefront location that is under 5,000 feet in area and has been vacant for a year or longer.

“It’s going to make the town look better, filling the storefronts, and it’s going to help our community as a whole,” Ducey said this week.

Some residents have said that the plan doesn’t go far enough, or will not have the impact that township officials are hoping for. In reality, it is impossible to predict how successful the fee waivers will be in attracting businesses to Brick because it is the first time such a plan has been tried in New Jersey.


“It really will not be a determining factor,” said Charles Bacon, a Republican candidate for township council who spoke at the meeting Tuesday. “How fast businesses will open is the biggest issue and [the question of], ‘will business thrive in the town afterward.'”

Bacon suggested the township hire an employee in the building department who could solely focus on business applications and approvals so new businesses could get up and running quickly. He also suggested Brick officials hold a meeting with prospective business owners and walk them through the process to iron out any issues and speed up a grand opening. The practice, he said, is used in Point Pleasant Borough, where he and his wife own a store.

“They walked us through the code process, we had to meet with the building department and it really helped us,” he said.


We’d like to hear from our Brick Shorebeat readers what ways the township could become more business-friendly. Vote in our poll below and write your own ideas in the comments section.

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  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    I have another suggestion, which is kinda off topic, but my favorite area in Brick to shop is the Target area, someone had the smart idea to cut a small road that crosses the parking lots of Target, PC Richards, Raymor and Flannigan and it ends at Lowes which will also bring you out to the light to cross over to the Costco shopping area, all without going back on RT 70. GENIUS! I think little access roads should be cut where they can be all around Brick, for example. There is plenty of room to cut a small entrance between Walmart and Walgreens, that way one wouldn’t have to go back out on 88 or the side road. Easy access is the key to making shopping easier besides what fees you might drop. I think a survey of all the business areas of Brick should take place and where these little access roads could be cut, should be cut to relieve traffic on the major roads.

  • Chuck Cumella


    • JW

      But the Brick Republican’s plan to ‘fix’ the free market in this town is to hire a government bureaucrat?Probably one of their cronies no doubt! I seriously hope the GOP ticket crashes like the Hindenburg on election day. What a bunch of slimebags.

      Aside from abolishing the building department altogether, there isn’t much else you can do here. It doesn’t take more than three days to a week to deal with city hall anyway. Kudos to the Ducey Team for actually governing this town.

      • Dead_Andy_Breitbart

        Yea, because the democrats have always done such a great job (sarcasm)

      • JW

        At least they didn’t try to socialize hockey.

      • Frank Rizzo

        Blacks are not normally fans of hockey….how long have you played in the brick twp league

      • JW

        I’m white and couldn’t care less about hockey. Never played it and I remain steadfast in the opinion that my municipal tax dollars should not support a private hobby- especially in a $100 million sweetheart deal for a piece of shit that hadn’t been maintained in decades.

      • SoWhat?

        I have to admit Frank, this comment made me laugh out loud. I’m still laughing.

    • Frank Rizzo

      This is not about the workers Chuck. It is about the mandates on the communities, fees government pays, insurance, and legal fees. The body camera system will cost money each year for software licenses, other technology licenses, and things the public demands and will not do without. Should we not hire any more EMT’s if they all win the lottery and quit one day.

  • Frank Rizzo

    This is not about being business friendly at all. It is about how the internet and technology has killed business’ along with the rise of mega chain operations. Shoe stores are gone, book stores, video stores,small drug stores, print shops, music stores. the list goes on. We do not need the amount of retail space we have and many other towns are having the same issue with their shopping malls too. Time to tear them down, at least as many as we can to make the others profitable. We do not need any more cash for gold, or vapor cigarette stores.

    • Hydra Trump

      My plan: ban internet sales in town.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Hey Ducey. How’s the small business tax collecting rebate scam for public takers pensions program going ??? What a clown. He should open a small retail business in Brick and see how he does with it. Baby Jack might starve !!!

    • SoWhat?

      Ducey is self employed lawyer and the taxpayers pay his pension and healthcare.

  • Chief Wahoo

    The Best way for a small business to make it in Brick. Is for the owner to be a public taker so the taxpayers will pay for his pension and health benefits. A double dipping public taker would be even more successful.


  • SoWhat?

    We need some coal fired pizza places.

  • Mark Story Jenks

    I don’t know what to say about this. I’ve been here almost 56 years, and have seen many businesses come and go. Every time the economy is good, more stores open. Then when the economy tanks, we see a lot of empty stores like we have now. I don’t think families have much disposable income anymore.
    I like the idea below.

  • Spell Check

    eliminate the town employees you can easily eliminate many jobs immediately; ie the excessive township code enforcers. the town has newer jeeps for code enforcement. i do not see why the repurpose of crown vics could not have been given to these guys. I do not understand why there is more then one person in the town doing this. these guys drive around harassing disabled people who don’t move their trash can immediately. the day after the garbage is collected. while i see many leaving there homes in disrepair years on end. i have seen the business’s of this town not putting $$ back into their buildings why don’t they harass them. people dont want to come to brick brick was the safest city in america and was something to be proud of brick was on the up and up till about 5-7 years ago and it has been in decline. if i mention i live in brick now its a joke

    • JW

      Dude, living in Brick was always a joke. Maybe you just weren’t in on the gag.