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Lakewood Man Arrested After 2,700 Heroin Doses, Guns Seized


A Lakewood man was arrested over the weekend and charged with drug and weapons offenses after officers executed a search warrant at his township home and turned up 2,700 bags of heroin, plus cash and guns.

Police executed the no-knock search warrant at the home, located at 580 Marc Drive, on Saturday afternoon, Sept. 12, said Al Della Fave, spokesman for the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office. Arrested was the home’s occupant, Virgilio Lopez-Olivera, 23, a Mexican national.

Found in the residence were approximately 2,700 individual dosage units of heroin, a loaded Ruger 9mm handgun along with $6,000 in drug proceeds, Della Fave said. Also, during the course of the month-long investigation, a .22 caliber rifle was obtained from Lopez-Olivera. A 2012 Chevrolet Cruz was also seized by authorities.


The investigation leading to th arrest was conducted by the Prosecutor’s Special Operations Group, Southern Enforcement Unit conducted a cooperative multi agency drug investigation with the Barnegat Township Police Department, Ocean Township Police Department, Jackson Township Police Department, the Lakewood Township Police Department and the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department. The northern enforcement unit and Lakewood police made the arrest.

Lopez-Olivera was charged with three counts of Possession of Heroin, two counts of Possession of Heroin under one half ounce with Intent to Distribute, two counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a CDS offense, one count of unlawful possession of a firearm, one count of distribution of heroin and one count of possession of heroin over one half ounce with intent to distribute.

Superior Court Judge Patricia Roe set bail at $300,000 cash for Mr. Lopez-Olivera who was subsequently housed in the Ocean County Jail

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