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New Street Sweeper, Garbage Trucks Less Costly Than Expected

A street sweeper in Arlington, Va. (Photo: Arlington County)
A street sweeper in Arlington, Va. (Photo: Arlington County)

Brick Township council members unanimously approved the purchase of a new street sweeper and two new garbage trucks Tuesday night, all three of which came cheaper than expected.

The 2016 model sweeper from Granturk Equipment of Bridgeport, Pa., will cost $216,565, a full $43,000 lower than was budgeted, according to Councilman Jim Fozman.

The two new side-loading, automated garbage trucks, purchased from Hunter Jersey Peterbilt of Clarksburg, will cost $261,000 each – $522,000 for the pair – which is $28,000 less than budgeted. Both trucks come with five-year, 100,000 mile warranties.


Mayor John Ducey said the addition of the new street sweeper will allow the township to better respond to requests from residents to have their streets cleaned. Street sweeping requests are one of the most frequent calls he receives, Ducey said.

  • John Menshon

    A township wide, street sweeping maintenance schedule is needed to ensure clean streets on an ongoing basis. The frequent calls/complaints are the result of past admins. failure to invest, and the poor decision not to operate on a regular basis as we have done in the past.

    • JW

      At what point did the regular street sweeping stop? I remember it happening every spring when I was younger. Now- nothing.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Half a million but we saved with a coupon…..sounds like women shoppers.

  • Marley

    Please start with Highland Pointe! If we can’t repave Constitution Drive, let’s at least clean it up. It’s disgusting and it’s the only way in and out of the neighborhood. How that was allowed is beyond me especially since everyone feels parking on both sides of the street, even on the curve is perfectly acceptable. Even unregistered, uninsured vehicles are not removed. Driveways stacked with unused vehicles for years at a time while the residents clog up the street.