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‘Robocall’ Attack on Brick Council Candidates Comes Before Weds. BOE Meeting

Telelphone (File Photo)
Telelphone (File Photo)

Brick residents were hit with the first “robocall” of the 2015 township council campaign Wednesday – an attack on two Republican candidates who are currently serving on the Board of Education.

The call from Friends of Brick, a Democrat-affiliated political action committee, takes aim at Frank Pannucci Jr. and Michael Conti and attempts to link them to suspended Brick schools superintendent Walter Uszenski, who was indicted with three others Tuesday on charges of official misconduct and theft in an alleged scheme to provide free educational services to his granddaughter. The call focuses on both Uszenski and Andrew Morgan, who is accused of helping Uszenski in the alleged scheme and then covering up a past conviction of drug dealing in New York. Morgan – as well as his wife, Lorraine Morgan – were hired to administrative positions in the Brick school district on Uszenski’s recommendation.

The call consists of a female voice saying, twice, that the charges involve “drug smuggler” Morgan who was hired by the Board of Education, on which Pannucci, Conti, and five other members sit. Only Pannucci’s and Conti’s names were mentioned.


“Haven’t they done enough damage already?” the voice asks, and urges residents to attend a special Board of Education meeting Wednesday night to “demand answers” from the board.

While the call attempts to link the two GOP candidates to the controversy surrounding Uszenski, neither Pannucci nor Conti were serving on the board at the time of Uszenski’s hiring. Pannucci said Wednesday that Morgan was hired shortly after he and Conti first joined the board, but he did not vote in favor of the hiring.

“That’s politics at its worst,” Pannucci said, of the call. “They’re more interested in the politics of destruction than the politics of the township.”

“We’re there now, so it’s up to us to try to fix the situation,” he continued. “Once this all came to light, we did all that was necessary to remove him and move forward in the district. To blame us for [Uszenski] is such an outrageous thing.”

The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the district’s Technology Training Center at the board office, 101 Hendrickson Avenue.

Hear the call:

  • lazereye

    i don’t they did damage how about cantillo and her crew

  • JW

    With a school board in shambles, I can see why these clowns want to run away from their record of ‘public service’- as if they were actually interested in that anyway.

  • Spock’s Brain

    Pannucci is lying again. On March 21, 2013, Both Pannucci and Conti voted “YES” to appoint Andrew Morgan to do a special education audit. Here is the link to his vote: http://mms.brickschools.org/Portals/1/ARCHIVE/2013/03.%20Mar%2021%20-%20Regular%20Board%20Meeting.pdf

    • SoWhat?

      So lets vote against everyone who voted for democrat Joe Scarpelli, the biggest crook in Brick Township political history. Everyone knew Scarpelli was a no good rotten liar and thief…everyone but the Brick Democrat club. The democrat club that received thousands of dollars from convicted crook state democrat leader John Lynch.

      In New Jersey, Party Bosses Meld Politics and Business …



      The New York Times

      Loading…Jan 1, 2006 – Yet Mr. Corzine, who has given more money to the Democratic political …. of the New Jersey Sierra Club, which has opposed Mr. Lynch and his clients … tens of thousands of dollars to the mayor of Brick and other local Democrats. … won approval from local officials, and the town’s mayor, Joseph Scarpelli, …

      • JW

        Still grinding the Scarpelli axe? He kept taxes low, ran the town well and even found room to make a little bit extra on the side. If he were running for office against any of these Rethuglican clowns here in Brick, he’d win in a landslide.

    • Brian Mirsky

      The way I read the comments in the article, and from what I believe to be factually accurate, Frank Pannucci did not vote YES to hire Andrew Morgan into the district. I believe the vote you’re commenting on was to have him do the audit. And while those are two different things entirely, I’m not sure it matters to me. As a board, all 7 of them collectively got it wrong in this case… and that’s going to happen from time to time. But to publicly shame or fault two individuals, just because they happen to be running for office and happen to have been on the board at the time of the hiring… that’s just wrong in my opinion.

  • Matt

    How do I get “friends of brick” to not call me again? I’m still undicided about who I plan on voting for, but I almost want to vote for Panucci and Continue, just because of how despicable this call was. My only option after listening was to press 1 to repeat. How can I be removed from future calls?

    • SoWhat?

      Keep calling the number that called you and pretend you are calling a wrong number. Keep harassing them all day, every day.

    • Anthony

      Ask Jim and Donna Stumpf, they are registered owners of “Friends of Brick”.

  • SoWhat?


  • SoWhat?


    • JW

      That’s the wrong Friends of Brick you dolt. They’re a non-profit charity. I guess we should expect petty harassment from low-class bullies like the Bricktown Rethuglicans and their backers. You people are sure desperate to get control of the town’s checkbook again. I wonder why?

  • SoWhat?

    See you dont care if someone is honest. Only the D or the R matters to your kind of low life.