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See It In Pictures: Dragons Beat Mustangs 36-6 in Opening Day Rivalry Game


The Brick Township Dragons defeated Brick Memorial Mustangs 36-6 Saturday at BTHS, the opening game of football season for both schools. View of full photo gallery from the game below!

  • SoWhat?

    Now that is Brick football. Running backs actually running the ball instead of just taking fake handoffs or blocking for the quarterback to run the ball every play.
    What a coincidence. The out of Town quarterback graduates and his play calling daddy ball uncle miraculously stops coaching on the team and play calling every down for his nephew.
    Bricks new coach spread the glory and fun around with 5 different running backs, just like the old days.
    The last 2 years of Daddy ball with Little Chippy calling all the plays for his nephew quarterback to get the glory, robbed a lot of very good resident Brick kids from having the fun and the recognition that they deserved during their high school years.
    I hope that the new coaches keep up the good work and spread the fun around the entire team.

    • sean o’donahue

      Seems like the old days went back 20 years, since it was 19 years since the last state title. Great TEAM effort by all. Shame that those with true talent and ability will always have haters. Brick football was built on mental and physical toughness, blaming a proven coach and D1 athlete for your kid not playing is neither.

      • SoWhat?

        Dragons would have won 2 state championships without the Toms River daddy ball coach and his 2 nephews.
        The last 2 years Brick Teams were destined to win because they were champions all the way up the ladder from jr pee wee. Any true Brick football parent knew that.
        The T.R. transplants needed Brick Dragons to win, Brick Dragons did not need them.