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Suspect Charged After Neighbor Alerts Brick Police to Break-In


A Brick man is facing numerous burglary-related charges after Brick police found him to be in possession of stolen items.

Officers were called to the Lion’s Head South development on Sunday after a resident called police and said there was a suspicious male possibly attempting to break into a residence.

When Sergeant Art Rivaldo and Officer Robert Scelfo arrived after the 1 p.m. call, they were approached by a resident who told them he observed a man, later identified as Ronald Reiser, 48, of Lions Head Boulevard South, walking in and around a neighbor’s yard and possibly trying to break in to the residence, Sgt. Larry Petrola said. 


The man also told the officers he saw Reiser enter a second neighbor’s house. 

Officers went to the second location and spoke with Reiser, at which point they found him to be in possession of a Casio brand digital camera that he took from the kitchen table of the residence where he had been, Petrola said. 

An investigation at the scene revealed signs of an attempted burglary at the residence where Reiser was originally observed by the caller, said Perrola. He was arrested at the scene and was subsequently charged with burglary, theft, tampering with evidence, and possession of burglary tools.

Reiser was transported to police headquarters where his bail was set by Judge Robert Lepore in the amount of 40,000 cash. He was transported to the Ocean County Jail in lieu of bail.

  • avgjoe

    a real genius here trying to break in to a neighbors home in broad daylight

  • BrickJoel

    Wow – 48 and you can live there?? either he went back home to live with Mom, a friend – or found someone who was renting out a room, just to make financial ends meet.
    Take a look at what’s happening to Leisure Village; unit by unit being bought up by Lakewood investors – turning Camden and Trenton section# dwellers to a new opportunity- live closer to the jersey shore. [ I am being Very Sarcastic! ].

    Thank you for those who called it in! one more person off our streets!!

  • russell Gibson

    Take off one of his fingers and I mean it. He will think hard and long before going into someones residence ever again.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Sounds like a mental patient to me still living off his elderly parents.