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The Brick GOP Debate Straw Poll: Who Won Last Night?

The Sept. 16, 2015 GOP debate. (Screenshot: CNN)
The Sept. 16, 2015 GOP debate. (Screenshot: CNN)

We thought doing a local poll on last night’s Republican debate would be an interesting way to see if Brick residents’ feelings mirror those across the country. So below, you’ll find a poll which asks who won last night’s debate, which aired on CNN.

A quick disclaimer: the poll is not scientific, of course, but since our audience comes exclusively from Brick (and the immediate surrounding area) we thought this might be a fun way to see how Shore locals feel. If it’s a success, we’ll keep it going for future debates as the national campaign draws on.

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Who Won The Sept. 16, 2015 Republican Primary Debate?

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  • Brandy the Dog

    If I didn’t live in New Jersey and knew what a lying sack of garbage our governor is, I would say Christie didn’t do a bad job at last nights debate, but we know better and it reflects in this poll. I think Carly Fiorina did a great job as far as getting to know what she stands for, it wouldn’t hurt her if every now and then she would crack a smile. Ben Carson, I know is a brilliant surgeon, blah, blah, blah but his monotone speaking qualities puts me to sleep and I really didn’t learn anything new about him on his stances of domestic or foreign policy, except that he is pro-vaccination and that goes back to his occupation as a doctor. Rubio shows some promise in the future elections , but not this year. Ted Cruz usually shines at these debate types of situations but I thought he was weak last night. Did Kasich, Huckabee or Walker even speak last night? If they did, I must of missed it. Then there is Trump the biggest ego maniac of them all, I’m tired of him already but I must admit he adds a humorous quality to this cast of characters or shall I say circus.

    To be fair I will admit I’m a registered Democrat and won’t be able to vote for any of the above in the primary. I am not satisfied with the Democratic Party’s contenders either but….

    • JW

      Good run down of it all. Although to be fair, I like the Donal Trump Show- it’s interesting television if nothing else. Everyday this shaved ape boasts about how great he is without anything backing it up except his beauty pageants, edifice complex and golf courses.

      • Brandy the Dog

        Yes, I agree The Donald Trump Show has been fun to watch. I actually couldn’t wait to watch the debate the other night and I can’t recall the last time I felt that way. It is “Must See T. V.”.

    • John Ghent

      Getting back into politics are you?

      • Brandy the Dog

        Hi John, You have to admit these republican debates have been really entertaining. Who do you think will finally get the nomination? Jeb?

      • John Ghent

        Yea I would agree about Jeb getting the nomination. He’s got the money and organization. And Clinton will probably get the Democratic nomination. I thought FOX had a better show than CNN. There was too much talking of candidates, especially Fiorina, and they couldn’t cover enough issues. Stay tuned!

  • avp0713

    Carly kicked all of their asses, and she needed to keep her stoic and stern face. She is a cancer survivor, lost her son and has risen to the top of the corporate world, only to have a big freakin egomaniac single her out to talk about “her face?” and then attempt to blow smoke up her…@#$ with his ingratiating remark… She totally outclassed that big pile of horse-shyt. I’m a democrat, so I won’t be voting for any of those on the Republican roster.

  • Goodgrief

    People are so sick of professional politicians that it is lending support to Trump, Carson and Fiorina.

    • Mac

      that’s because the professional politicians are the problem, not the solution, and that includes all political parties

      • Goodgrief

        Oh I agree with you Mac. But in this specific case it is a Federal problem because both sides in Congress are elitists professional US congressmen and should be dumped in favor of Independants. Now we know that will not happen but as you can see a lot of people will support non pro-politicians. Congress has become totally ineffective.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Dog barks at pony. Pony kicks at dog. Dog wears a tutu. Pony runs around the ring. The crowd applauds its approval.