Home Shore Environment Video: Waves Smashing Against Brick’s Sea Wall; 10 Feet of Sand Eroded

Video: Waves Smashing Against Brick’s Sea Wall; 10 Feet of Sand Eroded


The ongoing nor’easter sent waves smashing against the township’s sea wall, a secondary layer of protection against storms now being used as a first measure in the absence of a federal dune building project.

The sea wall was holding off 10 to 12 foot waves Friday afternoon. The 45 foot wall was intended to be completely buried beneath a protective dune, but about 10 feet of it was exposed to the elements as feet of sand had been washed out to sea. Mayor John Ducey said crews had worked last week into Monday of this week pushing sand up to the wall’s base, but the strong currents had taken it all away even before the nor’easter began.


“Everything we pushed up south of Brick Beach III has gone back into the ocean,” said Mayor John Ducey. “At high tide, the ocean is hitting the wall, so there’s no sand for us to push up.”

Brick is not expecting any more sand deliveries, meaning the wall will be the township’s only measure of protection during the storm.

Last month, Ducey said Brick will be “prioritized” by the federal government when the dune project begins. It has been held up by various legal challenges, primarily by Bay Head residents and the owners of Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Point Pleasant. Some oceanfront homeowners have resisted granting easements to allow the dunes to be built on their private property.