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Brick By the Numbers, End of 2015 Edition: Recycling Way Up, Animal Control Bills Down

Brick Municipal Building / Photo: Daniel Nee
Brick Municipal Building / Photo: Daniel Nee

As township officials tally some of the statistics that make up life in Brick – and the municipal budget that makes it all happen – there are two check marks in the “positive” column to end the year.

Recycling Skyrockets Town-Wide

Recycling pays off in two ways. Though the per-ton reimbursement for raw materials has been down in recent years (largely due to the slow down in the Chinese economy, county officials have said) it is still a valuable influx of cash to the township coffers. The biggest savings, however, comes in the form of bills township taxpayers never have to pay: per-ton “tipping” fees at the Ocean County Landfill, which are avoided through recycling.


In 2015, despite the lower prices for scrap materials, Brick saw a 124 percent increase of its reimbursement. Brick will be rewarded with $280,227 from the county, which runs the recycling reimbursement program for each municipality.

“It’s by far the most we’ve ever had, including Sandy,” said Mayor John Ducey.

Mid-year statistics showed a 78 percent participation rate in Brick’s recycling program, up from about 40 percent prior to the introduction of automated recycling cans.

Ducey said it’s not only residents who are recycling more often – the township has promoted recycling to township businesses this year as well as in in the public school district.

Animal Control Bills Down

Brick, in 2015,  placed contracts for animal control and animal shelter services out to bid for the first time. Previously, the two services were provided under a single contract with the Jersey Shore Animal Center.

The bill for both services combined was $150,048 in 2015, down from a high of $261,728 in 2014, Ducey said, more than some large cities had been paying.

Ducey said the township has been satisfied with the animal control services being provided by A-Academy of South Jersey, which has used social media to help locate pet owners in order to avoid bringing them to a shelter, which carries a fee.

“He’s returned a number of animals directly to the residents without any cost to the homeowner or the town,” said Ducey.

Sheltering is now provided by the Ocean County Health Department, which operates two shelter, one in Jackson and one in Manahawkin.

  • Hydra Trump

    I don’t get this recycling thing. Why let Obama tell us we can’t burn our plastic?

  • Marley

    I’m just glad that the amount of litter that was previously created by recycling has come way down. Between better trucks and better recycling containers, I don’t end up with tons of recyclables in my yard.

  • Spell Check

    the metal should not be sold for cheap it should be stored and held for a vote to be sold when prices are back to resonable levels, we screw ourselves as a community to sell it for cheap.our local government must run the job a little better.lower our town inspector rate and increase taxes on abandoned properties so we can get these horrible owners out. & tear down our gas stations causing pollution.

    • SoWhat?

      At least these dems are getting something for the taxpayers .

      Scarpelli’s DPW guy was selling working buses, loaders, trucks, bulldozers and cars for “scrap” and pocketing all the money for himself.

      • JW

        Rubbish. You made that up.

      • SoWhat?

        Below is copied from old APP article.

        “According to the indictment, those details include:

        In 1997 or 1998, the director of the Brick Public Works Department received $2,500, rolled into a cigar tube, from Stephen Appolonia at a Bradley Beach restaurant.

        In 2002, the same official received another $500 from Stephen Appolonia, this time stashed in a cigarette pack, at a Howell restaurant.

        In 2002, expenses for the same Brick official to attend boat races in Canada and Ocean County were paid by the dealership executives.

        During 2002 and 2003, the Brick Public Works Department purchased four vehicles from IT, and overcharged the township at least $2,200.

        In 2005, sources confirmed the FBI was investigating the role that former Brick Public Works Director John H. Nydam played in the township’s purchases from International Trucks.

        In April, Nydam pleaded guilty to state charges of stealing township equipment and accepting a payment from a township contractor.

        He also was suspended from his $130,556-a-year job without pay in August 2004 after he instructed municipal employees to replace a piece of fence at a township park adjacent to his home.

        Nydam was not reappointed to his postion when his term expired in December 2005.”

      • JW

        So you did make it up and you’re still griping about Scarpelli all these years later. This here is why the Brick GOP never wins anything. It’s like a bad relationship you never got over.

      • SoWhat?

        You are unbelievable. The township equipment he stole was all of the above that I listed.

        It is a fact and he sold them to a Point Pleasant demolition business owner who then sold them to others.

        The bribes he took from contractor were from a landscaper for snow plowing township roads.

        It is all well known and well documented.

        Bye bye you moron.