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Brick Seeking Applicants for Boards, Committees

The Brick Township municipal complex. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The Brick Township municipal complex. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick officials are looking for township residents to apply to a number of boards and committees in town for 2016.

Any citizen interested on serving as a member on one of the township’s various boards or committees should send an email with a resume and cover letter to Mayor John Ducey by this Friday, Dec. 18, township officials said.

There are upcoming appointments available for the following boards/committees:

  • Architectural Review Committee
  • Board of Adjustment
  • Brick Township Housing Authority
  • Historic Preservation Commission
  • Planning Board
  • Brick Municipal Alliance Committee (BMAC)
  • Sustainable Brick

In addition to the above boards/committees, there are opportunities to serve on several Council Advisory Boards including the following:

  • Citizen’s Budget Advisory
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Redevelopment
  • Senior Activities

“These boards not only play an important role in shaping our community, they offer citizens the opportunity to give back and help move Brick Township forward,” said Ducey, in a statement.  “I encourage any person interested in serving our community to send their resume to my office this week.  Every person will be considered and we will make every effort to make sure everyone who would like to serve has the opportunity to do so.”

Resumes and cover letters should be emailed to mayor@twp.brick.nj.us no later than 5 p.m. Dec. 18.  While efforts will be made to place citizens on requested boards, it will not be possible in all instances due to availability, according to officials.

  • Scott

    Its nice that you ask Daniel but I have applied on more then one occasion. There is never an acknowledgment that they got your mail or email and they will get back to you. I called, every time 2 weeks later and they would said “Oh yea we got it.” Then wait many weeks. never contacted with questions or to come in and talk to anybody. Call after 4 weeks and you here “No you were not appointed” . Just one experience.

  • JJones

    Scott think there positions are filled already ?? Maybe my opinion…

    • Scott

      You could be right. I’m just saying when you send your resume /application just say “Thank you for applying to volunteer to Bricktiwnship……if we need to clarify anything we will call or email………when the position / positions are filled we will notify you” just a heads up.

  • JJones

    That would be the professional and correct way ! But it’s Bricktown politics remember don’t matter the side .