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Cops: Man Came to Brick With Assault Rifle, Handguns to Visit ‘Facebook Girlfriend’

Antonio J. Perez (Photo: Ocean County Jail)
Antonio J. Perez (Photo: Ocean County Jail)

A man found sleeping in his car at the Boland Field Baseball Complex on Lanes Mill Road in Brick had numerous firearms, including an AK-47 style assault rifle, plus more than a thousand rounds of ammunition, while in town to meet a woman he met on Facebook two years ago, Brick police said.

Antonio J. Perez, 24, of Elkhart, Indiana, was located by Patrolmen Mark Nixon, Mark Catalina and Marc Alexander Wednesday at 12:30 a.m., Sgt. Henry Drew said.

When the officers made contact, Drew said, Perez had in his possession a loaded SigSauer P226 .40 caliber handgun, a loaded Smith &Wesson .38 revolver, a loaded Smith &Wesson .357 revolver and a loaded WASR-10 rifle with a loaded 30 round magazine. In addition, he was found to be in possession of a case of 1,000 rounds of 7.62 ammunition, a canister of pepper spray and a gas mask.


An investigation by Detective Robert Shepherd revealed that Perez was en route to meet his Facebook “girlfriend” of 2 years, who he had yet to meet in person, Drew said. Officers were able to locate the woman and verify that she was unharmed.

Perez was charged with stalking, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, possession of a rifle, possession of other weapons, possession of destructive devices, possession of certain bullets, possession of large capacity ammo magazine (two counts), possession of a handgun, disposition of weapons, disposition of an assault firearm, possession of marijuana, and driving an unregistered vehicle.

Bail was set by the Municipal Court Judge Robert Lepore at $100,000 cash.  Perez was lodged in the Ocean County Jail in lieu of bail.

  • Smokin

    Thank you Brick police for catching this sick bastard before he did some damage …

  • David Joseph Faulkner

    Give him back his guns you cunt. 2nd amendment.

    • Marley

      Clean up the language please. Free speech is one thing but this is simply profane for the sake of being profane.

      • Goodgrief

        Agree Marley, if you click on the flag to the right of his post it will notify somebody and perhaps remove the posting. I just did, lets see if it is removed. This is a particularly offensive posting.

      • Marley

        Thank you. I flagged it as well but so far it is still there. If language like this continues, our ability to comment will be removed, as it has been with many other sites. I guess some people can’t comment without using inappropriate language to express themselves.

      • Goodgrief

        I think this one was more to get attention than it was habit.

      • Goodgrief

        Yes Marley it is still here. I am surprised Daniel is permitting David Joseph Faulkner’s profanity.

  • CDK

    If it wasn’t a “machine gun” as defined under federal and state laws, you are absolutely lying in your headline by saying “assault rifle”. Words have meanings, wiki them.

    PS, those weapons charges sound REEEEALLY vague and general (“certain bullets”?), although it is New Jersey, so everything’s officially illegal.

    Not discounting law enforcement catching a creep, just discounting your journalism.

    • Matt

      NJ law is more restrictive than federal, and most other state’s gun laws. NJ law also defines an “assault rifle”, which I’m fairly sure differs from Wikipedia’s. What is defined as an “assault weapon” under NJ law would be perfectly legal in most other states. A WASR would need to have a number of modifications to be considered legal in NJ as opposed to many other states. NJ also bans the possession of hollow point handgun ammunition, which is what I would assume lead to the “certain bullets” charge. Although I disagree with NJ’s restrictive gun laws, you can’t fault the police from enforcing them, as that is their job as law enforcement officers. I assume they just reprinted the Brick PD press release, which appears to just include the titles of the representative NJ criminal statutes.

    • Sophophile

      It’s actually an “assault firearm” to be correct (quickly reading) and what’s listed in this article does fall under that to the best of my knowledge. (former legal secretary).

      In any event, who cares this guy seriously meant business God only knows how many people he could have killed if he succeeded in opening fire anywhere and really snapped at that moment had this not been intercepted.

      A 2 year facebook girlfriend, scary stuff for sure!

  • Goodgrief

    The unregistered vehicle opened the door for the police. I bet he has problems in his past. Nice work Brick PD.