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2 Cent Property Tax Increase Proposed in Brick

Brick Municipal Building / Photo: Daniel Nee
Brick Municipal Building / Photo: Daniel Nee

Brick’s municipal tax rate would increase by 2 cents per $100 of assessed real estate valuation in 2016 under a budget proposed by Mayor John Ducey Tuesday night.

Ducey said the increase, which would cost the owner of a home assessed at $293,600, the township average, $59 is the result of policies put into place to stave off what would have been a 13 cent tax increase.

“The budget is a byproduct of a lot of different work from a lot of different people,” said Ducey, who detailed a number of costs that have risen for the township, including lingering financial hardships due to Superstorm Sandy recovery.


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By the Numbers: Brick’s Proposed 2016 Municipal Budget

  • Total budget: $102,954,968
  • Increase: 1.9 percent ($2,001,992) increase over the 2015 budget.
  • Tax levy: $71,926,260
  • Municipal tax rate: 70.1 cents per $100.
  • Superstorm Sandy’s impact on the budget: 6.8 cents, or $6,997,884


Ducey said the township is in its third year of emergency loan repayments that adds up to a $6.9 million budgetary impact. Meanwhile, the township is still missing $357 million of ratables in its tax base that have yet to be recovered after the storm, which affects the budget to the tune of 2.4 cents. On top of those issues, Ducey said, a $2.1 million essential services grant that was provided to the township last year by the federal government was not made available this year.

“The effective loss from the ratables, the loans we have to pay back, and the removal of the grant was an 11.3 cent tax increase,” said Ducey.

The financial news got worse from there: healthcare costs for township employees rose by 9 percent and prescription drug coverage premiums rose by 35 percent.

The tax increase was kept to a relative minimum, Ducey said, because of cost decreases in a number of areas, including legal fees, engineering services and a reduction in worker’s compensation and disability costs due to better safety policies having been put into place. Further, the township looked for savings in other areas, reducing its animal control service costs by $135,000 and eliminating the outsourcing of its grant applications process which saved $134,000. Township debt was also reduced by $7.8 million in 2015, representing a reduced debt service liability.

“This year’s budget is a fiscally sound one that continues our work to put Brick Township on a path towards a more fiscally strong and responsible future,” said Ducey.

The 2 cent increase represents only the municipal portion of a resident’s tax bill. The school district and county government have yet to propose their spending plans for 2016.

Now that Ducey has proposed the municipal budget, it will be reviewed by the township council before it is formally introduced and adopted after a public hearing.

  • SoWhat?

    Ducey takes cadillac health benefits worth $30,000. Plus for a part time elected position. He is also enrolled in the state pension system for a part time elected position.
    Ducey the democrat is an Obama supporter yet he is not enrolled in Obamacare. Why not?
    How long are NJ taxpayers going to pay elected and part time leaches pensions and cadillac health benefits?

    • Spell Check

      He’s not one of us if he gets 30k in Healh benefits. We need a real town resident running for local office. If I chose to run I would surrender that tax burden on my local community and only settle with my VA benefits for my healthcare to eleviate the burden of taxes we pay. Our local taxes could be quite cheaper if we had a political system to run the Governent like a profitable business not like a few entitled grandchildren blowing through a trust fund we would have a thing called Governent

  • J W

    Chump change. Probably not even keeping up with inflation.

  • SoWhat?

    Ducey better not raise taxes to dump more sand on the beaches.

    Raise beach badge prices and get rid of some of the 100 life guards.

    Little Brick beach has more life guards than Seaside, Belmar , Jenkinsons, Manasquan.

    Brick beach is a patronage pit for teachers, students and family members of politicians

  • SoWhat?

    Here we go again. How long are the democrats going to blame everything on Super storm Sandy and Acropolis?
    If the town lost tax ratables, then cut the budget and the spending back the same amount of lost tax income.
    Phony tax savings by eliminating ghost positions that were never filled is not cutting taxes.
    That’s like Ducey saying we were going to hire 50 more people but decided not to, so we saved the taxpayers 5 million dollars in salary.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Bricktucky is in a death spiral !!! Super storm Sandy helped cover up the structural deficit but now that the tide has gone out, it’s time to see who isn’t wearing any bathing suits.

    How long are they going TO blame Sandy ?? CUT THE PUBLIC TAKERS BENEFITS. The taxpayers are busted !!!

    And don’t Forget Bricktucky sheep. 2% is only for Bricktucky. The public takers at County and Schools are sharpening their blades as we speak. You can’t afford the property taxes?? Sorry , they will foreclose on your family’s shelter. Mayor Ducey needs his health benefits paid by you !!!

  • Smokin

    If there’s a 12 million Surplus…where is it…and why aren’t it being used to lower our already high taxes ?

  • Smokin

    Game is the same just new players

  • Richard Weber

    Another “only 2 cents per $100″…….and another……..and another…..Man would i love the taxpayers of this town get together and demand at town council meeting that all municipal and political positions be enrolled in Obamacare? Remember by the big brain saying you must approve it to see what is in it? That is how the government works, or I should say runs………After all it is their parties victory over the American private sector that this is the best thing for all Americans? This is your leaders biggest accomplishment and legacy! I know, no one in higher government is enrolled…..hmmmmmmmm ….If Ducey has a high end Horizon BCBS health benefits pkg for 30k, that is outrageous for a part time employee. I am checking into that one. No part time employee should have benefits, unless they participate big time in the costs. That is LIFE, too many people in government freeloading on our backs resulting in oppressive taxes in this town. Benefits are way too generous. Hey, I have no problem with FAIR benefits, the package the town has is better than the one I used to have WORKING for New Jersey Blue Cross, and I had to pay into as well…..plus after working there 25 years, I did not still qualify to have health benefits when I retired! These people need to understand the REAL world !!!!

    • Smokin

      Richard when they originally took over as Mayor..they campaigned to stop Cadillac benefits and patronage jobs…they did the opposite..same game different players ..Sadly it’s always about taking of themself not the town’s taxpayers…Rumor has it there’s a 12 million dollars surplus…can’t that be used to give us a break ?

      • Richard Weber

        I’m with ya pardner, not only that, over on Cherryquay Road is a house the town owns(not sure how many others), been getting run down, not maintained (looks like hell, surprised neighbors don’t get on town about it, and they have nerve to get on others!), and the police use as a training site. No offense to the police, but why does the town own this home, should put a minimum amount of $ into to clean up and sell, and put the profit towards the town deficit. I see no reason the town should own, be a little more tax $ for their coffers!

      • Richard – What’s the house number? I’ll check out the tax records and confirm whether it’s township-owned or not, and we can ask what is going on with the property.

      • Richard Weber

        Hey Dan……344 Cherryquay Road..thanks pardner!

      • Smokin

        I agree the town shouldn’t be in the real estate business..they own a few properties foodtown lot…Rec office complex..two that could bring millions to the budget and help tax payers…The past leaders are gone and you have been in office now for years so do the right thing and stop using the past as an excuse…

      • Richard Weber

        When I go by tomorrow morning, I will find out and give to you. Thanks pardner! I have been meaning to do this for a while now.

      • They are using about $800,000 in surplus toward the 2016 budget. There will be about $9 million in surplus left over. Yes, surplus can be used toward the operating budget, however not having a reserve can cause problems if there’s an emergency (think: another Sandy, blizzard, big infrastructure issue that comes up) so there are varying perspectives on whether such funding should be used toward direct tax relief or a “rainy day fund” for unforeseen issues.

      • Smokin

        Thank you Daniel for taking the time to answer the posted questions…If we waited for mayor and council to answer it would be sarcastic and we would be old and gray…

      • Richard Weber

        Good point!

    • KaayC

      If you worked for NJBC then you tried to make a deal with the devil a long time ago! The medical insurers have the whole country over a barrel. Just hate ’em. Single payer!

  • Wally Statler

    Wait until the ducey clean slate bunch on BOE gets their turn! They will hit us hard to pay for 6-figure admin jobs and lots of vendors to help fill those political coffers! https://www.facebook.com/BrickDeservesBetter/photos/pb.255928414431736.-2207520000.1455193519./1138953289462573/?type=3&theater

  • SoWhat?

    Property taxes should be dropping like a rock with the price of oil and natural gas and gasoline at the lowest prices in decades.
    Where are the savings to the taxpayers?