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Brick Will Have Alcohol Checkpoints at Beach Entrances This Year

Beachgoers relax during a sunny summer day. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Beachgoers relax during a sunny summer day. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Leave the booze in the car, township officials say.

The party’s over for those who want to sneak adult beverages onto the township’s ocean beaches, with plans announced Tuesday night for a cooler checkpoint to be posted at beach entrances alongside the beach badge checkpoint. But the inspections will end there,

“We are not going to inspect coolers as people are sitting on the beach,” said Councilwoman Andrea Zapcic, who helped author the ordinance that authorizes lifeguards to inspect coolers and “similar storage containers” for alcoholic beverages.


“If there’s alcohol, they will have an opportunity to bring it back to the car,” said Zapcic. “It’s basically stopping them at the point of entry. They’ll have to take it back to their car or they’ll have to leave the beach.”

The township’s plan is to station a lifeguard at beach entrances next to the badge checkers, where the coolers will be inspected.

The ordinance was approved in a 6-1 vote, with Councilman Jim Fozman opposing the introduction of the ordinance, which still requires a public hearing and second vote before becoming law.

“I don’t think we need a 17-year-old lifeguard going up to someone with a water bottle and telling them it’s something other than water,” said Fozman. “If something is wrong like that, I believe he should call the police.”

Zapcic said confrontations such as the one Fozman described would be avoided since the alcohol would be removed at the beach access point.

“Those same 17-year-old lifeguards will be sent in the water to retrieve an inebriated swimmer who’s putting their life at risk,” Zapcic added.

A separate ordinance in town provides lifeguards with “full police power” while on duty.

The checkpoints will be on access points to township-owned public beaches. It does affect beaches owned by private beach associations, which generally set their own beach rules.

Other Rule Changes

Other portions of the same measure were aimed at requiring permits for barbecues at township parks.

“We have had some situations occur over the past several years where some of our picnic tables were set on fire,” said Zapcic.

The ordinance further prohibits those who use township parks from building, or attempting to build, a fire.

Beyond the rules, the ordinance revision under consideration by the township council tweaked some fees for private parties to use township park and beach facilities for gatherings. Of the 100 fees, just 15 are changing – with some rising and some being reduced to bring all of the fees into a standard list.

None of the fees for Brick resident were increased, Zapcic said.

  • Richard Weber

    We have an ordinance that states lifeguards have “full police power”? I sure hope that is an over-statement? These 16-17-18 year olds scare me with that kind of authority, and should be quickly amended and abolished from a Brick ordinance! Their job is to sit on that stand, and with due diligence, keep their eyes on bathers..and assist with any issues that come up related to the ocean, or beach, in which their training in getting their Life Saving badge dictated.
    Plus…..Our real estate taxes pay for everything this town has in assets as far as the “parks” go (any grants gotten from government were also paid by OUR taxes), and yet we still have over 100 different types of fees for various uses? You have to be kidding me! This is the type of stuff we have to get rid of, and most important, the payroll to people who support and work on this type of stuff. Lets start downsizing to help knock down the money machine grab in this town, so we can better afford to live in this community!.We do not need all this fluff stuff that is killing us………SPEND SPEND SPEND HIRE HIRE HIRE INCREASE INCREASE INCREASE TAXES TO SUPPORT ALL THIS NONSENSE! And rank and file doesn’t understand that the shrinking private workers population cannot afford to pay for all these crazy salaries and the pensions they create. The golden goose is not golden any longer!

  • Smokin

    Agreed no alcohol on family beaches…and no smoking…..Than there should be no Alcoholic beverages at the town family concerts at windward beach…same thing !

  • Mac

    small minds always seem to practice the belief that the answer lies in creating more and more little generals with similar genes

  • Kimberleely

    What’s next , a cavity search? A slippery slope my friends….

  • jwblack

    This is just too funny! What beach? We hired people but the beach washed away!

    • J W

      Fair point sir. I suspect they’ll do some replenishment.