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Cop Spots Man With Butcher Knife Chasing Victim on Route 88

Jose Trejos Zamora (Photo: Ocean County Jail)
Jose Trejos Zamora (Photo: Ocean County Jail)

A Lakewood man is behind bars after police say they came across him chasing another man on Route 88 while carrying a butcher knife.

The incident happened over the Lakewood border on Route 88, according to Lakewood police, who arrested the suspect in the case, Jose Trejos Zamora, 25. Officer Kristie Buble was on patrol, traveling east on Route 88 at about 3 a.m., when she saw what she perceived to be one man chasing another, police said in a statement.

While turning her patrol car around, she saw the man later identified as Zamora reach into his waistband and pull out a large butcher style knife and throw it to the ground as he continued to chase after the other man.


Buble was able to position her car between the two men, exit it and then draw her weapon while ordering Zamora to stop. Additional responding officers assisted in securing Zamora.

The victim, a 23-year-old Toms River man, told the officers that Zamora attempted to rob him at knifepoint. He then fled on foot until discovered by Buble, according to police.

An investigation by Detective Peter Aakjer and Officer Charles Messer resulted in Zamora being charged with robbery and weapons violations. Bail was set at $250,000 cash and he was later transported to Ocean County Jail. According to jail records, Zamora is a citizen of El Savador.

  • tj

    kill him

  • CaptBill

    Bail? Deport the low life immediately! On a side note…What was the fine, upstanding 23 year old Toms River resident doing walking the streets of Brick/Lakewood at 3am?

    • Beach N8iv

      Does one NEED a reason to exercise a freedom that NOBODY would have even thought about questioning 20 years ago?

      • shamrocknj

        I would say one does when involved in a crime.

      • Deport all illegals now

        A victim, from Toms River, exercising his freedom, walking on a public street. It’s called freedom.

      • Beach N8iv

        So if someone is a victim of violent crime they had better, in your eyes, have a good reason for exercising their rights.

    • KaayC

      Probably came from working a kitchen in one of our local restaurants I would guess as a possibility.

  • Smokin

    Illegal !…one of thousands …

  • Deport all illegals now

    Just another dreamer looking for work right?