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No Development Planned on Cleared Lot in Brick

A partially-cleared lot off Jordan Road in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
A partially-cleared lot off Jordan Road in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

The company that owns a plot of land off Jordan Road will not be allowed to develop it and has no plans to do so, township officials said recently.

Last month, neighboring residents approached township council members to voice concerns over potential development of the lot, located between Jordan Road and a tiny street known as Serptentine Road. In the weeks prior to the council meeting, crews began to clear the lot, sparking speculation that a development project was in the works.

“The property is a buffer between Jordan Road and the residents there,” said Al Soyster, a resident of Serptentine Road. “During Superstorm Sandy, it helped prevent more flooding.”


Development of the buffer property would “change the nature of the neighborhood and the traffic flows,” he added.

Council President Paul Mummolo said a deed restriction exists on the property, even though the restriction does not appear on the deed of the current property owner.

“You’re not allowed to build on it,” said Mayor John Ducey. “It is what it is.”

As for the lot being cleared, the property owner – a real estate company – was notified that a dead tree existed on the property and apparently decided to clear the land as a whole.

“Apparently what the property owner did was, instead of taking down one tree, they tried to clear the entire property,” said Ducey, explaining that no permits were filed for the work, and the lot clearing operation was shut down.

“I don’t believe anyone is going to be doing anything else on this [lot],” said Mummolo.

  • Smokin

    Then it into a park..

    • Beach N8iv

      I would imagine that would be up to the owner.

    • Samantha

      theres already a park a half mile down the road

  • JerseyShoreLibertarian

    Why would they buy a lot that they can do nothing with? I see a legal challenge coming.

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    Well they can get their little asses back out there and replant that lot with trees. There was no excuse taking them all down!

    • SoWhat?

      Real internet tough guy. You and J W.

      Why dont you call them and make them replant their own lot. Tough guy.

      • Joseph Woolston Brick

        Got their number So What? I’ll gladly give them a call. How about all of the home owners on Jordan getting after them?

  • Jerseygal

    I live near there and think this whole thing is suspicious. Why would someone spend the money to clear a lot if they arent going to build on it? I have had trees taken down – its expensive.

  • SoWhat?

    This is how it works. The lot gets cleared and the owners say I’m sorry.
    Then they come back in a year or two with a building proposal.
    It is easier to get approval for an empty lot than for a wooded lot.

    Same with a house. Someone buys a house or building in a certain zone like a historic zone or such and they cant renovate or tear it down. So what they do is let it sit empty for a few years with no heat or a/c with the windows open and then it becomes a tear down.

    Much easier to get approval for new construction than a renovation that way.

    Look at Rt 88 in Lakewood

    They buy it, they run it down, then they tear it down then put up whatever they want.

  • KaayC

    Oh I know, let them put a strip mall with a pizzeria, a nail salon and Chinese takeaway in it!