State Funding for Brick Schools to Increase 0.2%, Below State Average

    Brick Township High School (File Photo)
    Brick Township High School (File Photo)

    Brick Township’s school district will receive a 0.2 percent increase in its state aid for the 2016-17 school year, adding up to $86,500.

    Statewide increases of aid averaged 0.9 percent, though Ocean County’s districts as a whole had their aid increased by less than half that figure, at an average of 0.4 percent.

    In all, Brick’s state aid will be $35,938,828, a small portion of the district’s $146 million budget. Specifically, Brick this year will receive $14,934,026 in adjustment aid, $9,463,269 in equalization aid, $4,922,064 in transportation aid, $5,393,423 in special education aid, $1,039,800 in security aid, $92,090 for PARCC test readiness, $92,090 in per-pupil growth aid, $2,066 in additional adjustment aid and $86,500 in learning community funding.


    As in previous years, the bulk of the state’s education funding – over 60 percent – flows to the former “Abbott” districts under a court order. Newark, one of the former Abbotts, received an additional $26.8 million this year, the largest increase of any district in the state.

    Brick’s Board of Education has not introduced its own 2016-17 budget yet, leaving the tax levy for the next school year unknown.

    • Chief Wahoo

      $86,500. HA HA HA.

      Oh boy the Bricktucky tax increases are going to be ugly this year. Town up. Schools up and county up !!! Keep running faster and faster on that hamster wheel. Please don’t fall off. The public takers need your money.

      Oh yeah. Good thing you knuckleheads voted Christie back into office. He has your backs. Ha ha ha !!!!!

    • KaayC

      A good lawyer would sue the lack of equity in educating the students of Brick as compared to Newark.