State Funding for Brick Schools to Increase 0.2%, Below State Average

    Brick Township High School (File Photo)
    Brick Township High School (File Photo)

    Brick Township’s school district will receive a 0.2 percent increase in its state aid for the 2016-17 school year, adding up to $86,500.

    Statewide increases of aid averaged 0.9 percent, though Ocean County’s districts as a whole had their aid increased by less than half that figure, at an average of 0.4 percent.

    In all, Brick’s state aid will be $35,938,828, a small portion of the district’s $146 million budget. Specifically, Brick this year will receive $14,934,026 in adjustment aid, $9,463,269 in equalization aid, $4,922,064 in transportation aid, $5,393,423 in special education aid, $1,039,800 in security aid, $92,090 for PARCC test readiness, $92,090 in per-pupil growth aid, $2,066 in additional adjustment aid and $86,500 in learning community funding.


    As in previous years, the bulk of the state’s education funding – over 60 percent – flows to the former “Abbott” districts under a court order. Newark, one of the former Abbotts, received an additional $26.8 million this year, the largest increase of any district in the state.

    Brick’s Board of Education has not introduced its own 2016-17 budget yet, leaving the tax levy for the next school year unknown.