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Brick Looking to Expand Neighborhood Watch Program

The Brick Township Police Patch/Logo (File Photo)
The Brick Township Police Patch/Logo (File Photo)

Brick Township officials are looking to ramp up the Neighborhood Watch program in town in an effort to not only crack down on crime, but also to help bring the community together.

“It’s a new sign, it’s a new program, and we’re hoping a lot of our citizens want to be a part of it,” said Councilwoman Marianna Pontoriero, who held up a brightly-colored Neighborhood Watch sign complete with the Brick police department’s shield logo.

The new signage differs greatly from the drab blue-and-white eyeball logo used in decades past, Pontoriero said, and the program as a whole focuses on being a good witness – not confronting suspicious people are involving one’s self in potentially dangerous confrontations. Participants will be trained on what to watch out for – as well as the key things to tell police officers to help them respond to situations. In addition to the signs, the program will also include door and window decals.


The program has been piloted in one neighborhood in town and is now ready for expansion. Councilman Jim Fozman joined volunteers on a recent weekend dropping off hang tags and speaking with residents door-to-door to tell them more about the initiative.

“We gave out hundreds of them,” Fozman said.

The township is hosting an information session April 30 and 9 a.m. at the Herbertsville Fire House. In addition, residents interested in starting a program can call 732-262-1053 to obtain more information, or fill out an online form expressing interest.

  • Chief Wahoo

    How much is the pension and health benefits for joining ??

  • SoWhat?

    Is George Zimmerman going to run the neighborhood watch program?

  • SoWhat?

    How about a townhall watch program?

  • J W

    Remember when they tried to start a neighborhood watch in Maple Leaf and nobody signed up? Then they accused the council of not doing anything about the development.

    • Mark Story Jenks

      I don’t remember that. But on a side note, I wish all the people who walk to Krauzer’s from there would stop throwing wrappers, cans and bottles on the ground on their way back home. It’s sad that people have no respect for the area where they go back and forth.

      • J W

        The whole Sawmill Woods is overdue for a major league cleanup. Little late to do one this year. It’s a huge area and would require boat loads of volunteers. Maybe the county jail has some people to spare?

  • Smokin

    Your kidding a decal on your window or door…saying I’m the one who call on you…what about the cameras that were going to be in park…wait till after parks are done…wait and see they get installed ever…

  • SoWhat?

    I have a decal that says ” This house protected by Smith and Wesson”and a sign that says
    ” Tresspassers will be shot”.