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Construction, Rebuilding Was Up in Brick During 2015

Homes being rebuilt in the Normandy Beach section of Brick Township. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Homes being rebuilt in the Normandy Beach section of Brick Township. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick Township’s building and code officials were busier in 2015 than the previous year as Superstorm Sandy recovery picked up, data from the Department of Community Development & Land Use showed.

According to a review of data conducted by officials while preparing the department’s 2016 budget, figures showed the department processed about 4,500 permits in 2014, including  1,251 updates to existing permits, an increase of 10 percent over the prior year. The department conducted 22,281 inspections in 2015, an increase of 21 percent over the year before.

Since Superstorm Sandy struck, the state Department of Community Affairs Sandy Code Enforcement Unit has been assisting Brick – as well as other local communities – by lending manpower to the township so inspections and permits could move through the system at a more rapid pace. On April 30, however, the state will change the program where state inspectors will have to be reimbursed at an hourly rate, which would effectively cost Brick money, officials said.


“We are actively seeking qualified individuals,” to work as inspectors, said Business Administrator Joanne Bergin.

The department currently employs nine full time inspectors, nine clerical staff members and two elevator inspectors. In 2015, the department spent $1,830,666 on salaries and operating expenses, but generated $3,157,835 in fees and fines.

  • SoWhat?

    I’ve often wondered how Lakewood could possibly inspect all that construction going on at the same time and how many inspectors it would take to do it properly.

    Driving through Lakewood, Toms River and Brick Townships, it seems that the governments have given developers permission to clear clut all remaining woodlands and build as much high density housing as they possibly can, as fast as they can.

    Where are the new roads and highways and food stores being built? How are all the residents going to get around in cars and or shop for food?

    Where is all of the water and electricity going to come from for these places?

    We are headed for some real problems in this area soon.

    • J W

      Driving around town isn’t a problem in Lakewood… on Saturdays.

      • Spell Check

        Lakewood will expand into brick and toms river than destroy the tax structure till we go bankrupt and the buy out read about Lakewood it was a sad story that happend their

  • Surfrider

    First off, now the state wants money for supplying this “help” in speeding up the permit process. Why? Wasn’t the state “pitching in” to help with this huge Sandy set-back? We pay enough taxes, c’mon now! What kind of hourly figure are they looking for? Are they using our vehicles to go around? Charge the state back for using our vehicles. Would like to see the breakout of salary vs. operating expenses on this department. So I guess 10 employees have vehicles assigned to them. We have 10 people out all day going to these sites? Sounds like overkill to me. Especially when I was one of the many houses re-built and first hand witnessed all the inspections on my place. It ain’t brain surgery. One of my heating system furnaces had the intake and exhaust pipes put in incorrectly(not installed with proper flow angles) as well as other issues, and the system did not work properly because of it, and the inspectors passed everything? It is a major check point for heating systems, but they were out to lunch on this. I know also of 2 other homes that had the same issue?
    Do you know that you need a permit in Brick to cut down a tree? Is it enforced….only if you get caught!
    Do you know that you need to apply for a “silt fence” around construction sites? Costs hundreds of dollars for permit (county level), hundreds of dollars for fence material and installation, and yet not enforced. Look around at sites, and see if it is properly installed and maintained, most cases not, and some cases not done at all? There are 5 jobs currently on seagoing rd in cherry quay , only one job site has 2 sides done, and not at the road or water side. C’mon man !
    Do you know that if you put a paver-type driveway in, you get charged an extra payola fee to the town, just in case one of their public works vehicles kicks up some pavers or damages is some way, that they have to hire an “outside” contractor to come in and repair? Their reason for the fee. No other town has. Ridiculous.
    Code enforcement/requirements need to be addressed in many ways, to be fair to all.

  • Spell Check

    The department currently employs nine full time inspectors, nine clerical staff members and two elevator inspectors. In 2015, the department spent $1,830,666 on salaries and operating expenses, but generated $3,157,835 in fees and fines.

    This is the scam this town creates nine clerical staff can be dropped to 5 immediately as well as the 9 inspectors drop that to 7. You make a 2million dollar budget gap than make us pay it up in fines. EVERY ONE OF THESE JOBS CAN BE PART TIME. It is an insane amount of money to go to this. Make the budget under 1mill easily. Gotta get this administration. Must start to fight back town council on this

  • Spell Check

    FYI to become an inspector it’s a basic college course and test so don’t give these clowns the respect of a doctor or engineer. This is probably 15 friends of the mayor that need free paychecks. Sick and tired of the beaurocrcy

  • Spell Check

    And every inspector gets a secretary? Why? When I call up their is one guy and he is never working. I have had battles with this department off of drum point over nothing this is proof they are scamming us and next fine I receive I will considering a lawsuit. If they made 3 million this year how many people were inadequately fined.