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What’s Next for Brick’s Laurel Square (Pathmark) Shopping Center?


The now-shuttered Pathmark supermarket in Brick's Laurel Square shopping center. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The now-shuttered Pathmark supermarket in Brick’s Laurel Square shopping center. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
When the township’s Pathmark store closed its doors last fall, it left two voids: a lack of a supermarket on the northern side of town, and a gigantic hole in one of Brick’s largest shopping centers, Laurel Square.

The shopping center still houses numerous businesses – from the Scone Shoppe, to Odyssey hair salon, to K-mart – but without Pathmark as its anchor, traffic has dwindled, at least judging by a consistently sparsely-utilized parking lot. Worse yet, Laurel Square has become the subject of rumors – among them, that the site has been sold, or is going to be turned into condominiums.

The Laurel Square shopping center, Brick, N.J. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The Laurel Square shopping center, Brick, N.J. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
None of the rumors are true.


“We plan to be a long-term owner of Laurel Square,” said Kristen Moore, spokeswoman for Brixmor Property Group, the owner of the shopping center. “We are currently reviewing merchandising options for the center, but it is premature to make any tenant announcements at this time.” 

Brick Township Business Administrator Joanne Bergin said township officials have met with representatives of Brixmor over the future of the site. She confirmed that the company “absolutely denied” any intent to sell.

“In fact, they indicated they were working diligently to secure another food store tenant,” Bergin said.

In the meeting, Mayor John Ducey voiced his desire to lure a high-end grocery store, such as Wegmans or Trader Joe’s, to Brick, and the two parties have been in contact on various occasions since the meeting, discussing the company’s plans to make improvements to the shopping center.

“We have no reason to believe there is any fact whatsoever in those rumors,” Bergin said.

In addition to its prominent location between state highways 70 and 88, Laurel Square represents one of Brick’s highest-value ratables. The site is assessed at $29 million ($15,362,400 in land value and $13,637,600 in improvement value) and generated $618,860 in tax revenue last year, according to county records.

  • Mark Story Jenks

    I remember when Kmart first opened. It was a big deal back then. At one time they had a decent little lunch place built-in there.

    • L.Trainor

      It seems K-Mart will soon go too

  • Guest

    What about Brick Plaza. Lost A&P and Dollar Tree both. Do need another grocery store there. What about those stores there as well. Or an Acme Supermarket. Acme used to be local supermarket in Lakewood for decades. Shop Rite definitely needs some competition. Horrible place to park and shop as that shopping center is a nightmare. Look at the accidents there lately. I think two of them were pedestrians getting hit by motor vehicles. One motor vehicle driving into the Shop Rite building.

    • We’re going to have a full story on plans for Brick Plaza in the coming days. Working on it.

  • Leo Trollsky

    Interesting that Pathmark was considered the anchor store. Before Walmart, K-Mart was considered the anchor store of Laurel Square. K-Mart cannot sustain such a large store with the sparse traffic it attracts now. Be realistic, it’s closing soon, too. Along with Fins (moving down the road to Point Boro).

    Second, Trader Joe is owned by the same company as Aldi. Not very likely they will open a TJ within spitting distance of an Aldi.

    Third, Trader Joe is not “high-end” by any stretch of the imagination.

    Fourth, please stop talking about Wegmans ever opening anywhere in northern Ocean County. It will never happen. The demographics of Brick/Point Pleasant/Lakewood are so far off the mark of what Wegmans and/or Whole Foods is looking it’s not even funny. The population is too old, and the median income is too low.

    Last, Laurel Square is a dump. There hasn’t been an infrastructure update since I’ve moved into the area, at least 30 years.

    • Justin Pickles

      Just one comment–Trader Joe’s is owned by Aldi North, which is not the same Aldi company as we have operating in the US. Our Aldi stores are owned by Aldi Süd (Aldi South). The companies are completely different entities owned and operated completely independently. I believe at one point, they were the same, but they split many decades ago…much like Pathmark and ShopRite were once both the same until Pathmark broke off and went its own way. In any case, Trader Joe’s builds near Aldi all the time. There is no relationship between the two.

      • Jerseygal

        Yes, The two Aldi brothers ha a falling out hence the North and South. The company was started by their mother.

      • J W

        There’s something about German brothers having falling outs. The Das brothers had a falling out too. Now you have the Puma shoe company that was started by one brother and Adidas that was started by the other brother, Adi Das.

      • Leo Trollsky

        Interesting that you mention Trader Joes. I was under the assumption they were owned by the same company – “my bad.” Thanks for the correction. But ….

        Doesn’t matter, Trader Joes just announced all stores will be closing in 2017.

      • J W

        That’s an April Fools joke, dude. It’s one of the most profitable grocers around and has a brand probably more valuable than its annual revenues.

    • disqus_ESVHOKOSbN

      Your Fourth reason, the demographics: You forgot to include in these areas, Brielle, Manasquan, Point Pleasant Boro and Beach, Bayhead, Brick’s Princeton Ave area, and Bricks Jordan Park area, Mantoloking, parts of Toms River, I could go on….Putting a Wegaman’s or Whole Foods in northern Brick would give access to these stores to a wealthy demographic. Look at Costco’s demographic and how well Costco has done in Brick. The closest Wegman’s is in Ocean Township, the Asbury Park/Ocean Grove Area. Also just because Brick and Lakewood area has 55+ communities does not make everyone old, we wouldn’t need so many Schools if Brick was all old people . Older people are looking for healthier choses in food and can afford and want better food to put into their bodies. I myself live in Brick have a nice income don’t want to shop at Walmart and to get to a food store has become difficult. Love Costco but it is hard to get across town just to pick up a few things and I don’t always want to buy in bulk. The closest food stores to me the parking lots are like the Indie 500, trying to find a park space is almost impossible.

      • meok1521

        The problem is, no one from Brielle or Manasquan or Bay Head is coming into Bricktucky for their grocery shopping. Too “scummy” for them.

      • disqus_ESVHOKOSbN

        We have no grocery stores on the Northside of Brick anymore . I go to Shoprite in Wall because it is Almost impossible to get to the Shoprite in Brick, No parking. If you live in Brick, you must live in the Drum point/Manoloking section, the Hollywood area, or Lake Riviera of Brick. I can say for a fact that many people from Brielle, Pt. Pleasant Beach/Boro and the other places I listed in my post above, go to the Costco and frequent many of the store and restaurants in Brick, So why do you think they would not drive into Brick to go to a Wegmans or Whole Foods? If you don’t like Brick move, and it you don’t live in Brick please don’t visit. We have some beautiful places and some very not so great areas. We as a community need to work together an make a better Brick not turn it into a Lakewood. Brick it is a big area 32.32 mi. We have problems here but they will not get better if we don’t make improvements.

      • Leo Trollsky

        It doesn’t matter if those people would drive to and shop at a Wegmans. Wegmans is not driven to attract them to their stores. THE DEMOGRAPHICS DON’T MATCH UP. I shop at the Wanamassa Wegmans on occasion, passing by on a trip from Monmouth Mall. I like shopping there. A lot of people like shopping there. That’s doesn’t mean they are going to open a Wegmans on every corner, in every town.

        Brick officials would be better off using their resources to attract businesses to this town that look for customers whose demographics match up to their business model. Wegmans is not one. And Whole Foods is not another. They’ve made that abundantly clear. Move on.

      • meok1521

        I was being sarcastic. I was more making a commentary about the people of the more affluent towns, than about Brick. I live in Brick, and I don’t love it but it’s someplace I can have a very nice home for a reasonable price. I know people from those towns too, and they avoid Brick like we have a contagious disease lol. Guess everyone’s different.

      • Leo Trollsky

        Brielle, Monouth County; Manasquan, Monmouth County. Southern Monmouth County will be served by a Whole Foods opening in Wall township. Bay Head – population less than 5000. Mantoloking, less than 1000. Not enough to sustain an upscale food market. And those towns probably travel to southern Monmouth county to do their shopping. The other areas you cite are not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination.

        You might fit into the Monmouth county demographics Wegmans, Whole Foods and other upscale chains look for when opening a new location, but Ocean county does not. The overall demographics don’t match up. You can complain about it, but numbers don’t lie. And these chains don’t want the coupon clipping, sales chasing shoppers in their stores.

        The demographics Costco looks for is completely different than Wegmans. Don’t compare apples to oranges, or warehouse vs. supermarkets. Different business models, different demographics.

        Wegmans and Whole Foods will not be opening in Ocean county. Trader Joes is not opening anything, anytime, anywhere – they just announced all stores will be closing in 2017.

      • disqus_ESVHOKOSbN

        Leo, I read your view point and believe you are right . I would be happy if at this point, if anyone would open a grocery store in the Northern Brick area. I would like to be able to shop at a real grocery store with a bakery and fresh produce, good quality meats and a (big Plus) parking. I shop at aldi and like a lot of their products, but I also want to be able to shop for more specialty items and I am more then willing to pay for them.
        I did not Appreciate meok1521 comment on Brick. I am not saying Brick is the best place to live. I have lived here for a long time and I feel safe, the services are general good. Most people I know are good hard working family people. The area I live, people own there own business, and /or are professionals. I can say that I would be considered the millionaire (plus +) next door and I know quite a few people that are in the same situation that also live in Brick/Pt. Pleasant/Brielle, So I am not a toothless, homeless, beggar. So “scummy” Bricktucky was not appreciated.

      • meok1521

        I put it in quotes for a reason. Because I’m quoting what someone else would say. Someone other than me. Jesus.

      • disqus_ESVHOKOSbN

        Sorry, if I took it the wrong way. I have never heard any of my friends and/or family call Brick “scummy” I would say that there are areas that need work (a lot of work) places in Brick I would never consider living, for one reason or other, and that Brick over the past 15 years has gone down hill in these areas. Sandy was not much help, but if you come into the area I live, the homes are being raised, redone, knocked down rebuilt and are sell between 350,000 (for an older, small house in land) and 1,000,000 plus (for a newer large house on the water). as I write this I am looking out my front windows watching construction workers working on at least 4 homes being redone on the water. The area will look a lot different in the next few years. These homes are huge, a much different landscape pre-Sandy. And just my guess: but I think it takes a little money to do what these people are doing.

      • mike

        What are you too good to shop at Walmart??

      • disqus_ESVHOKOSbN

        Not to good to shop at Walmart, No one is to good for anything or anyone, it is what you make of it. I just do not like Walmart. Tried shopping there (do have to do some shopping there because we do not have many option on the north side of Brick) I can’t find specialty items for cooking ( at Walmart) , at least when Pathmark was around I could just run in for special items. Also have never cared for Walmart’s business model (but that is for another site and post).

      • meok1521

        I actually won’t shop at a regular grocery store for my every day food shopping. I shop at Walmart and Aldi. Walmart’s produce is superior to the grocery stores, in my opinion, and I see no reason to pay 30% more for no reason.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Bring back Two Guys !!! It has about as much of chance at happening as Wegmans. I sure hope the taxpayers are paying these clowns pensions and health benefits based on results. Because there aren’t any !!!!!

    • J W

      Jeez. You’re really showing your age with that reference.

  • jo jo ormaz

    “but it is premature to make any tenant announcements at this time.” – you mean to say ??- you won’t talk about the investment company looking to bring a business in and making serious offers.. [ aka “proposed synagogue” ]- going in, that if the town try’s to stop it; there can be serious law suits..? or is this time?”
    They can park at lease 200 busses in that lot, at least they have a good and safe plan to use , if by any chance they went in there.? Why didn’t the town suggest – New Beginnings to move there.? All the problems resolved..? Win – win for everyone and legally..?
    However , you still have the powers to say NO ! to the Church in Brick Blvd.
    Somehow, in the long run, after costing the Tax payors millions – someone is going to look back over the next 5years from now and say. “Wow, we should have stopped it regardless”

    now just look at all those “Private Communities” who have religious services within them… with all those busses driving through Brick.. where did all those busses come from with the expansion of buss services in town. ?

  • SoWhat?

    Cohens Deli in KMart plaza used to be the best NY style deli in Brick Township area.

    • Shannon Mess

      I was thinking that same exact thing!

  • SoWhat?

    KMart plaza first built it was a great placebto go sledding behind the building. A Hundred parents and kids would go there before the trees and brush gree back.

  • SoWhat?

    Rustlers steak house where Fins is.
    That was the BEST

  • Stu Pidity

    Please don’t let the Lakewood cult buy this and turn it into a school or kosher store. The traffic is tough there now. Imagine 20,000 dented and smashed up minivans coming and going every day along with those drivers.?

  • SoWhat?