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Presentation, Hearing on Brick School Budget Set for Thursday Night

Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)

UPDATE: Shorebeat has learned the 2016-17 budget will not be adopted Thursday night. It will be presented to the public followed by a public comment period.

Brick residents will have the opportunity to sound off on the proposed 2016-17 school budget that raises spending by $3,069,056 and raises taxes by $2,298,604 – a lower increase than initially sought by district officials.

After the Board of Education voted down a proposed budget $7.1 million spending increase and $5.7 million tax hike, it met and adopted the revised spending plan, which sheds 10 positions and saves money by switching to full self-funded health insurance for employees.


Interim Superintendent Thomas Gialanella said last month that the specific positions under consideration to be cut consist of a combination of administrators, teachers and paraprofessionals.

Under full self-insurance, the district would select a third-party administrator to oversee coverage, but would directly pay the cost of individual medical claims. Such a switch would likely save about $3 million, Edwards said, reducing medical benefits costs from $24 million to $21 million.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the Brick Township High School auditorium. A presentation on the final budget up for adoption is scheduled to take place, followed by a public hearing. The adoption vote will likely come Monday night, Shorebeat has learned.

  • Janet

    It would be great if the public was able to view/review the proposed budget prior to tonight’s meeting, after all, it is several hundred pages in length. Unfortunately, it still has not been posted on the BOE website, under the business office tab.

  • Surfrider

    I really do not feel a vote should be allowed until they have put the budget out on the web site for a minimum of 24 hours, so tax paying citizens can review and have a good idea where money is going, so one can attend and have good suggestions where to cut more monies. We are over taxed as it is, and this money needs to be appropriated with due diligence.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Public Taker 101.

    Come out with ridiculously high tax increase. Pretend to sharpen the taxpayers bought pencil and come out with a “lower” tax increase , right where you planned on ending up all along.