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Another Empty Store in Brick: Sports Authority to Close

The Sports Authority (File Photo)
The Sports Authority (File Photo)

Sports Authority, a sports apparel retailer that operates a store in the Brick Plaza shopping center, announced Thursday that it would be liquidating its assets and closing all its stores.

The chain will shut down after failing to reach an agreement with its lenders, CNN reported. Sports Authority applied for bankruptcy protection last month, but a representative for the company told a judge today that efforts to reorganize would be abandoned since negotiations did not pan out.

According to a report in the┬áPasadena Star-News, Sports Authority, like many chain retailers, fell victim to “showrooming,” where customers will survey or try on merchandise at a brick-and-mortar store, then purchase it online for a cheaper price.


The CNN report said some stores could be purchased by other retailers, however it is just as likely that a liquidation company will be brought in to sell off the remaining stock. A liquidation auction is scheduled for May 16, after which the stores will begin to close.

The region’s two remaining sporting goods retailers operate properties in or near Brick. Dick’s Sporting Goods is located near the Costco shopping center and Modell’s has a location on Route 70 in the Town n’ Country shopping center at the Lakewood-Brick border.

  • Beach N8iv

    Ooo, ooo, I have an idea! Let’s empty out the Laurelton Trailer Park and fill the space with MORE empty stores.

    • Hydra Trump

      It takes a great man to build a building! MAKE IT SO!

    • KaayC

      Let’s just go back to a General Store and I don’t mean the one that used to be on Brick Blvd. lol

  • Chief Wahoo

    Not even the Big Chains can carry the load the public takers are entitled to. They killed mom and pop. They are killing homeowners. And now the Big Boxes are about to fall. But those pensions were promised. So pay them. From where the money comes. Well, that’s of no concern to a public taker.

    • realcheeseyo

      What the hell are you talking about?

  • SoWhat?

    Modells is empty every time I go there.

    Big business can’t afford paid family leave, $15. 00an hour + payroll taxes and Obamacare.

    When the government cant pay bills or meet payroll they just raise taxes and hire more family members.

    When business cant make payroll or pay bils or pay taxes, they cut back or close down.

    Homeowners are closing down now.

    Soon governments like Atlantic City and Puerto Rico.

    • J W

      Moron. It’s a thing called ‘Amazon’. Nobody goes to brick and mortar stores when they can get free next day delivery and even skip out on paying the sales tax.

      • SoWhat?

        You’re a real tough guy on internet.
        Always quick with the personal insults.
        I bet you are a little, scared pussy that shakes like a leaf when confronted in person.
        Real internet tough guy.

      • J W

        You’re describing yourself, except omitting your 8th grade level of thinking. You haven’t said an original thing in years and always love to trash your favorite bete noires, none of which have anything to do with your idiotic rants anyway. Sports Authority is closing because nobody like you goes to stores anymore. Just admit it, moron.

      • realcheeseyo

        Amazon has like everything.

      • east coast resident

        No need for name calling. Just state your opinion, even if its opposite someone else’s. Why denigrate someone? Lets keep it civil people

      • Smokin

        Dicks sporting goods just has every kind of sporting needs great prices and good sales help…Modells has been dying for years only thing that keeps them there is a great contract with property management ..

      • J W

        Last sporting goods store I went to was Bob Kislin’s in Toms River, and even then that was only part out of nostalgia, part regret at seeing him go and part the clearance prices. I bought a few shirts.

      • Beach N8iv

        Stores like Sports Authority ran the little “Mom and Pop” sporing goods stores in our neighborhoods out of business, “Amazon” is now doing it to the Big Box stores.

  • SoWhat?

    Jersey Paddler is closing down also.

    • KaayC

      Oh boy. : (

  • Surfrider

    What is killing the box stores is the internet and Amazon. It is amazing their demise has not been sooner. Sad, they employ many people, hard to compete with sitting at your table and ordering what you need on line, get it cheaper, and you do not even have to get off your butt! Not sure about size? Just go to store, try on, then go home and order! That is what people are doing. Just like the article states.
    My wife worked for Macys, and the benefits we had were maybe half of what state workers get. Hell, BlueCross employees do not have what they have….Do you think something is wrong? ATT and IBM no longer give out retirement health care, and they are blue chip companies that make profit, unlike State Administration jobs at all levels that just take! Oh, and do not forget good ol California sowhat

  • Frank Rizzo

    All of these malls will soon be more housing unless the town takes them over…removes them..and restores the land…..forget about ratables….that ship has sailed. Amazon needs to be taken down…even mom and pop websites cannot compete against them…we all thought it was Walmart that would be the last standing….now they too have suffered a loss of earnings and closing stores.

    • KaayC

      And they don’t stock reliably either, Frank! Stopped carrying ammonia! I mean wth? Ammonnia? Multiple times have left there without completing my shopping list due to item unavailability with the Walmartians. They do not inventory and stock appropriately. They also increasingly want you to buy multipacks like Costco on many items. They are not a Sams Club so why shove ten count multi-packs of gum at people? The managers seem to care less when it is brought to their attention. I like Amazon and until inventories become more reliable, they are the only way one can find all purchases.

  • KaayC

    It is getting to the point where one can’t function in this town. I went to Bon Ton yesterday for a purchase and wanted to also buy greeting cards for a seriously ill relative as well as a wedding card. No Hallmark Store, no Dollar Tree just a whole lot of nothing. It is not clear which stores are gone for good and which are shut merely for the renovation. This all begs the question is the renovation of the plaza going to be for just another empty shell? I hope not. If I am having a rough time, how can the senior citizens cope with this?

    As stated previously, it is just getting a little easier to buy and shop in Point as I refuse to deal with Shoprite Plaza. There it is also a bit of a mess with the leveling of Spirit Liquors and I am not looking forward to their summer traffic either. I absolutely hate the Route 70 Costco corridor shopping traffic and parking nightmare. This is a real quality of life issue. We are in crises and get thrown the Windward Beach produce bone. That doesn’t fly in January!

    The brick and mortar stores do it to themselves when they price things more affordably online. They are in competition with themselves in many instances even apart from Amazon. They also do not have reliable stocking inventories. Truthfully I was never a fan of the above retailer. I am not sure why. Survival of the Fittest. Now more jobs lost, and another vacant store.

  • SoWhat?

    Buy UPS stock and Fed-Ex stock. Also the US Post Office is turning a profit now because of on linne shopping deliveries.