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Brick Kmart Store Survives Another Round of Closures

The Laurel Square shopping center, Brick, N.J. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The Laurel Square shopping center, Brick, N.J. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

The Kmart store in Brick’s Laurel Square shopping center has survived another round of store closures announced late Thursday by Sears Holdings Corporation, the parent company of the Big Box chain.

Rumors of the store’s closure have circulated for years, but they have always been proven incorrect.

Sears announced Thursday that it would close 78 stores between the Sears and Kmart brands. No stores in New Jersey were on the closure list.


The Laurel Square shopping center, between routes 70 and 88 in Brick, has seen a marked decrease in traffic since its anchor store, Pathmark, closed late last year. Its Brixmor Property Group, told Shorebeat recently that it plans on continuing to operate the property as a shopping center and is trying to lure another supermarket chain to take the place of Pathmark.

  • jo jo ormaz

    Thank you Shorebeat for beginning your research and follow up….!! we are sure that you’ve only began to dig up interesting artifacts… the public will a wait your findings in the future. ”
    maybe the Public can petition for a Super WaWa there and add a Solar Farm !! Businesses that make money that actually PAY for Tax revenue ” – you know something like – Lowering taxes- or off set the cost to the public, while you get what you need.?

    • KaayC

      Idk that is very optimistic. It would alleviate some Route 70 traffic. The parking lot is good.

  • realcheeseyo

    I had always heard that K-Mart was a top earner for the entire chain.

    • KaayC

      Key word – “was”

  • Smokin

    Still good to stop quick in and out

    • KaayC

      Employees? What employees? I was in there one time about a week and a half before Christmas to try to buy a string of lights. The only young lady at the register told me she was going on break. I asked her, “Well where do I pay? She said to go to customer service. I told her there isn’t anybody at customer service! And there seriously wasn’t! That poor kid could have been robbed or hurt all alone like that. Close this dump store. It is a disgrace to retail. Level that plaza it is dead, let it die!

  • Frank Rizzo

    Soon of be condos or apartments with a mix of retail….the wave of the future as retail is no longer rentable

    • KaayC

      What do you mean no longer rentable, Frank? Do you mean companies must own the properties to thrive?
      We sold our souls to cheap Chinese retail I think. Look at the Hallmark store. It fell victim to the Dollar Store junk cards. Ugh. Sign of the times…cheap goods. Like Mona in “Moonstruck”.

  • KaayC

    Oh dear God, put it out of its misery! No air conditioning or lights it looks like a third world dump! Sad what happened to that once vital plaza. I tecal leaving my car for an pil change and shopping at Pathmark. They moved everything to Route 70 Lakewood corridor! Now that the Walmartians closed the supermarkets have fun feasting on their produce. Ugh! That oart of town is a depressing atmosphere. It should be closed down.