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Commercial Complex, Restaurant, Gas Station Proposed for Brick Trailer Park Site

The Laurelton Mobile Home Park, off Route 88 in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The Laurelton Mobile Home Park, off Route 88 in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Real estate developer Jack Morris has proposed a commercial development to replace a portion of the area of a trailer park in Brick Township.

Morris’ company will appear before the township’s zoning board Wednesday to formally propose a 5,051 square foot convenience store and associated gas facility, a 4,535 square foot bank, a 7,182 square foot commercial building including a 3,000 square foot, 160 seat restaurant, and a 9,288 square foot daycare center. The project will also include a total of 135 parking spaces and the replacement of an existing gravel road network within the trailer park area.

The tract where the development is proposed is located along Route 88 at the corner of Jack Martin Boulevard. It has long been the site of the Laurelton Mobile Home Park. Morris’ company bought the property for $3.85 million. Another one of his companies, Edgewater Properties, acts as landlord for residents who lease plots of land at the site on which their manufactured homes stand. Previously, township officials say those residents who remain at the trailer park will be able to remain there even after the commercial complex is built.


The company’s submission to the Board of Adjustment does not provide details of which companies will be operating the stores and restaurants that will occupy the site. The application requests numerous variances to overcome township zoning regulations, including the use of the property, various setbacks, lot coverage and signage.

The purchase of the mobile home park by Morris has been the source of numerous controversies since 2005. Residents, at one point, were served eviction notices after they withheld rent from Morris, who they accused of allowing the community to deteriorate. In 2006, it was determined that concrete tainted with traces of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from the former Ford Motor Company manufacturing plant in Edison was used at the site, prompting the state Department of Environmental Protection to order its removal.

The hearing will take place at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the township municipal complex on Chambers Bridge Road.

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    Unless it’s a Super Wawa with a gas station, forget about it! What’s Morris going to use for landfill this time? Radioactive dirt from Chernoble?

  • SoWhat?

    Democrat bribe taker ex mayor Joe Scarpelli’s ghost coming back to haunt Brick Township.
    This has been in the works since Scarpelli was extorting and bribe taking for zoning approvals and turning a blind eye on construction in town.
    The place is a dump and needs updating but something fishy is going on in town with all this major construction and high density housing.
    The same with the entire county.

  • SoWhat?


    Read above NY Times article about JSM and Scapelli and Ocean County.

    Isn’t Scarpellis old law firm back to running the Town? Yes.

    Isn’t this the law firm that democrat lawyer Mayor John Ducey’s deseased father-in-law was a partner? Yes

    • Smokin


  • SoWhat?

    But opponents of sprawl say a combination of campaign funds and political influence has driven New Jersey’s penchant to build, helping to make it the most densely populated state in the nation.

    “When it comes to the pay-to-pave system of development in New Jersey, John Lynch is king,” said Jeff Tittel, director of the New Jersey Sierra Club, which has opposed Mr. Lynch and his clients on dozens of development projects around New Jersey. “In parts of the state, you can’t build unless you hire one of the lawyers or engineers or construction companies he’s aligned with because you won’t get the government approvals.”

    A Languishing Project No More

    One example of Mr. Lynch’s converging interests is a strip mall in Brick, called The Power Center. It was originally proposed by Mr. Morris, a developer who frequently hosts Mr. Lynch on his yacht and jet and has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to his political committees. In 2003, Mr. Lynch was brought in as partner in the languishing project and soon his political action committee began donating tens of thousands of dollars to the mayor of Brick and other local Democrats.

    The project, JSM at Brick, quickly won approval from local officials, and the town’s mayor, Joseph Scarpelli, was hired as a consultant by an engineering firm working on the project.

    Mr. Lynch said that their donations were a mere coincidence, unrelated to the development. Mr. Morris has declined to be interviewed over the last month. Mr. Scarpelli has explained that he did not know Mr. Lynch had a stake in the project and later quit the consulting position, saying he wanted to avoid a conflict of interest.

    In other projects, such as the JSM at Hickory project in Dover Township, Mr. Lynch does not have an ownership stake, but he and Mr. Morris together gave $65,000 in donations to mayoral candidate Paul Brush in early 2003. Once he was elected, Mr. Brush embraced the plan and appointed one of Mr. Lynch’s allies to the local planning board. The project’s newfound support on the local level helped JSM at Hickory win two state zoning changes, even though hundreds of community residents had rallied against the development.

    Mr. Lynch said that the donations were intended solely to strengthen the Democratic Party, and had nothing to do with the development.

  • Surfrider

    So much dirty laundry in the Brick washing machine, it never comes clean!

  • Beach N8iv

    Well now that K-Mart Plaza is fully occupied I guess it makes TONS of sense.

  • SoWhat?


    The town under investigation in above article is near NYC.

    Remind anyone of Lakewood?

  • Chief Wahoo

    The Tribe is banging on Bricktucky’s door. And Ducey is there to greet them. Because we know those health benefits don’t grow on trees and aren’t cheap when you have to pay for your owns family’s benefits yourself. Baby needs new shoes !!!!

  • Frank Rizzo

    Let’s all support this…otherwise we will get three story apartment buildings instead and filled with section housing….bravo Duecy….we need a high quality convince store there and a gas station to fill the need for one in that area. Move out the crappy ones in this strip malls…..collapse the strip malls instead…there is not enough room to build high density housing on them….

  • J W

    Hell no! Leave it the way it is!

    • Frank Rizzo

      Unfortunately it will become low income housing by court ordet undet Mount Laurel which you democrats have burdened us with.

      • J W

        The Supreme Court is non partisan you dolt.

      • Frank Rizzo

        So then tell us why it is so important which political party picks and installs the justices you welfare burden to the rest of us

      • J W

        It doesn’t matter what party picks them. Most of the current bench was appointed by Whitman and Christie you nasty old racist piece of trash.

      • Frank Rizzo

        So then why is YOUR president in such a hurry to choose the missing one from the USA Supreme Court…do you truly wish to tell all that read your hateful comments that no judge is deemed liberal or conservative or that when judges are chosen they are not alternated between political parties here in the state if NJ….your either a fool, or just a liar. Your next comment will state which one….

      • J W

        Maybe because a judge died and there should be 8 on a SCOTUS bench? You really are that dumb and hate filled. The President is black- get over it. He gets to pick new judges when necessary. Just like Bush did.

      • Frank Rizzo

        When you’re calling people names you are loosing….

      • J W

        So you’re always losing then. You are a spectacular hypocrite. And I still don’t understand what you wrote. It’s called grammar, Frank. Even most illegal Mexicans attempt to figure it out to avoid situations such as this.

      • J W

        What gibberish are you droning on about anyway? Speak English you doddering old fool!

  • shorekitten

    Because there aren’t enough closed/deserted gas stations along Route 88…

    • Frank Rizzo

      The DEP and democrats are to blame for that. Make it easier to reuse these properties and take away the environmental burden they come with and people will reopen them or reuse them. Right now only big money like wawa can shoulder the DEP costs and legal fees.

      • disqus_PFjxUfU2Z4

        One has been reopened across from Midstreams Road! There is no excuse to further contaminate that land with burried tanks and spilled gas. Open up one of the existing ones left to rot…

  • Smokin

    Thats Morris pay off for not getting approved for foodtown orginal deal..

  • Smokin

    What happens to the families still living in trailer park…do they have time to move with assistance to help move…