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Cops: Brick Teens Went to Lacey to Party in the Woods, 2 Arrested

Lacey Township Police (Photo: The Lacey Reporter/Gavin Rozzi)
Lacey Township Police (Photo: The Lacey Reporter/Gavin Rozzi)

Lacey Township police said this week that they and their counterparts in Brick worked together after social media activity indicated that underage Brick residents were planning to party in the wooded areas of the southern Ocean County town.

“Extra patrols had been added to the area after social media postings were located earlier in the week promoting Brick Township teens coming to the wooded areas of Lacey for parties featuring alcohol, etc.,” Lacey Police Chief David Paprota said in an e-mail. “Brick authorities were notified earlier in the week and assisted Lacey PD in contacting the parents of the youths to reduce the likelihood of problems.”

Two Brick residents were arrested due to the incidents. Lacey Officer Dimitrios Tsarnas was patrolling Carusoville, located in the Bamber Lakes section of the Lacey, at 12:02 a.m. April 9, when he noticed a small bonfire and group of people drinking alcoholic beverages, police said.


An investigation at the scene led to 20-year-old Brittany Stowman, of Arbutus Avenue, Brick, and 20-year-old Paul Vitale, of  Michigan Avenue, Brick, being issued summonses for underage consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Bamber Lakes Fire Department responded and extinguished the fire, police said.

  • J W

    The cops are trolling Facebook now to catch 20 year old adults drinking in the woods? C’mon people. There’s real crime happening out there and this ain’t it.

  • SoWhat?

    I want the cops writing tickets for the traffic violations I see every minute that I am driving in Brick.
    Tailgating, speeding, running red lights, weaving in and out if traffic, reckless driving, careless driving, talking on cell phones, texting, on and on.
    You can’t drive for 5 minutes without being cutoff or tailgated by reckless drivers.

    Cops investigating 20 year olds drinking beer in the woods? Really? In America?

    • Wildbill

      You must be that asshole that does 35 mph in a 50 mph in the right hand lane

      • SoWhat?

        If your mom’s head was down in my lap, yes that was me.

      • Wildbill

        If you insist on that

      • Kevin Cuthbert

        Was your sister busy?

      • SoWhat?

        Slower cars are supposed ti be in right hand lane genius. Especially when your mom is giving me a lap dance with her face.

      • Wildbill

        Genius to is spelled to not ti

  • dalef

    If one has the responsibilities of an adult, such as being tried as an adult if charged with a crime, then one should have the rights of an adult, including the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

  • Surfrider

    Just about every young person I see driving or get behind, they are texting. Cops need to crack down on this. Hell, if all of us see it so rampant, how come the cops don’t see it? The phone is like a drug to them, they can’t stop. Easy pickings. And like you say SW, not coming to a complete stop at stop signs and lights, tail gating, all very prevalent in this area. BIG money maker for the town if they just enforce the law!

  • Chief Wahoo

    Nothing that thugs dressed up in costumes didn’t do when they were in their teens in the 70s and 80s. Great job by the Hypocrites in Blue !!!!