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Hearing on Proposed Route 88 Commercial Complex Postponed

The Laurelton Mobile Home Park, off Route 88 in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The Laurelton Mobile Home Park, off Route 88 in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Real estate developer Jack Morris requested an adjournment of a planned hearing before the Brick Township zoning board on his application to build a commercial complex at the site of the Laurelton Mobile Home Park.

“With the complexity of the application, we couldn’t be ready to hear this applicant on this date,” said Board President Harvey Langer, who added engineers from the township and Morris’ company would be meeting to go over the application in more detail.

The applicant granted a 90 day extension for the case to be heard by the board. In the audience at the board’s meeting Wednesday night was a group of residents of the mobile home park, who indicated they were at the meeting to object to the application and speak on how the park is being operated.


The residents said they heard about the application from Shorebeat and did not receive notice that the meeting was going to take place. Normally, anyone who lives within 200 feet of a project heard by the board must legally be served with a notice of what has been proposed and when the meeting will take place.

Mobile home park tenants, however, are not property owners so notice is not provided, said Sean Kinneavy, the township’s zoning officer.

Morris will have to advertise the date of the rescheduled hearing in a legal notice published in a newspaper.

The proposed development includes a 5,051 square foot convenience store and associated gas facility, a 4,535 square foot bank, a 7,182 square foot commercial building including a 3,000 square foot, 160 seat restaurant, and a 9,288 square foot daycare center. The project will also include a total of 135 parking spaces and the replacement of an existing gravel road network within the mobile home park area.

  • disqus_PFjxUfU2Z4

    Notice would have been freaking nice! I had prior obligations and couldn’t attend the meeting but I’m pretty sure my house is with in those limits.
    What about the neighborhood across the street. I don’t want to live by a gas station! They are toxic neighbors. I have a kid with asthma. Thats all i need is gas vapors blowing into my yard and house making her life more difficult. I would not have bought here if i had known a gas station would be going in 6yrs ago!

  • jo jo ormaz

    Wow – Trailer renters and owners…….How does it feel to be pushed out and thrown out of your own home……”
    Hope someone does a soil test to clarify that it’s still safe. isn’t that why they made it a mobile park way back when, the soil was contaminated ??.. they allowed it to become a trailer park to earn rent to pay back the purchase… Oh gee, look what happened over the past 5- 8 years, it got run down, deplorable conditions, gang activity, drugs, crime – “OH MY ” – so – let’s redevelop it into a strip mall and put a HUGE PRIVATE School there,,,,,,,,, and let’s not forget to allow private busses up and down Princeton ave. from 88 in to Midstreams next… after they approved “RE- Zoning ” – “Spoiler Alert”….
    WaWa wanted that lot and was going to pay anything to have it..” – but was told NO – due to the rain water run off into the creek in the back – but – by moving the gas station another 100 feet on the plot plan…. suddenly it’s ok..?” wow – WaWa should sue them,, for this move.. wonder who owns the Private SCHOOL , possible Quick Check going in… surprising enough, they want store – but no rental apartments on top?? I’m Shocked..? Oh wait,,, Pathmark is still vacant,, and Kmart may move out,, oh so sad,, the mall is falling into poor conditions also,,,,
    Hey Shorebeat – think you could pull a report on who owns this lot .. and the history of BOTH lots..? the Trailer Park and Kmart Plaza…. the public will love to read about it,,, bet you will uncover a lot of dirt there….!!! while your digging up dirt, take a look at the re-zoning of properties in the area….[ residential to business ] .. who’s the “Firm” that was hired and suddenly approved …….. Think the public will want to know about – “THAT STORY”……how everything is connected….. just think how the local residents property values may decrease ,,, and continue to pay high taxes,! take a close look at how many people are moving out suddenly and compare it to 5 years ago..”

  • Mike

    Another strip mall? Another bank, gas station, whatever? How many do we need around here? They built a huge monstrosity on Mantoloking Rd 2 years ago and it’s STILL empty! I pass empty stores constantly in Brick every day but here they go building more. And they just cleared the woods by Yorktowne Blvd to do what? Another Pizzeria, Deli, nail salon?