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‘Neighborhood Watch Walk’ Set for This Weekend in Brick

The Brick Township Police Patch/Logo (File Photo)
The Brick Township Police Patch/Logo (File Photo)

Brick Township is planning a volunteer walk this weekend aimed at promoting the expansion of the township’s fledgling Neighborhood Watch program.

Councilman Jim Fozman, who has spearheaded the program, said he and other volunteers will be meeting in the AV room at town hall at 1 p.m. this Saturday, April 9, then going door-to-door in the Herbertsville section to promote the program.

In addition to the Neighborhood Watch Walk, Fozman said the township will host an information session on the program later this month.


The program will be held April 30 at 9 a.m. at the Herbertsville Fire House. In addition, residents interested in starting a program can call 732-262-1053 to obtain more information, or fill out an online form expressing interest.

  • SoWhat?

    People dont want to be bothered at their homes.

    I dont want Dim Jim Fozman or any other of his friends knocking on my door or coming on my property.

    Have your neighborhood watch but leave the law abiding alone.

    I wouldnt doubt that this is a back door way for Fozscam to go on peoples properties and check for code violations or illegal activities and construction.

    He said this was a priority last year.

    • J W

      The “Get off my lawn” quip isn’t wasted on you. What a nasty piece of work you are.

  • Smokin

    The neighborhood watch is in affect at Herbertsville park and police officers are called when anything looks wrong and the have responded and handled the fights , attemp robberies at folks trying to enjoy the parks with family , robberies of properties from porches or cars , knifes pulled , And blood on grounds..What was once a nice quiet neighborhood has done a 360 turn for worse so cameras are needed now like promised and I say thank you to Brick Police for there support …