Home Police, Fire & Courts Suspects Arrested in Burglary at Concrete Company in Brick

Suspects Arrested in Burglary at Concrete Company in Brick

Handcuffs (Shorebeat File Photo/ banspy/ Flickr
Handcuffs (Shorebeat File Photo/ banspy/ Flickr)

Brick police said Monday that two suspects have been arrested in connection with burglaries that occurred at the Silvi concrete facility off Sally Ike Road in Brick.

James Lasasso and Niko Silletti, both of Brick, were charged April 13 in the burglaries, which occurred Jan. 29 and April 9.

“This arrest is the product of an anonymous tip from a concerned citizen who had seen the pictures that were posted,” police said.


Surveillance photos were posted by the police department last week.

“Both subjects turned themselves in and the stolen items were recovered,” a statement from police said.

Photos of the pair were not released. Neither suspect is currently listed as an inmate at the Ocean County Jail.

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