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Three Girls Face Charges After Serious Assault on Another Girl in Herbertsville Park

Herbertsville Park (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Herbertsville Park (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick police said Thursday that three juvenile females have been charged after they allegedly seriously assaulted another girl at Herbertsville Park on April 18.

The incident has led to rumors of gang ties, however police have said that was not true.

According to Sgt. Neal Pedersen, officers were called to the park at 7 p.m. Monday for a report of an assault. Upon arrival, the officers were told that a female juvenile had been assaulted by several other female juveniles at the park. The victim, police said, had already been taken to Ocean Medical Center for treatment and the suspects had fled the park into the woods that lead to the Greenwood Loop neighborhood.


Officers then went to Ocean Medical Center, where they located the victim who had an injury to her nose and right eye.  The injury, Pedersen said, ended up being significant and requiring surgery. The injury was apparently to the girl’s eye.

Detectives Thomas Cooney, Kenneth Steinberg, and Timothy McCarthy were assigned the case and began searching for the suspects. Over the next two days, said Pedersen, the detectives were able to identify three suspects and place them into custody. The three suspects – all female juveniles whose names were not divulged – were local residents and were released to their parents after being charged.  All three suspects were charged with one count of aggravated assault. 

Due to the ages of all involved, the case will be transferred to the Ocean County Family Court, Pedersen said.

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    Thank you shorebeat much better!

  • I-am Cheer-Dad

    Dirt bags.

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    Three lovely girls who you would LOVE to bring home to introduce to your parents as your ‘Prom Dates’ Oh yeah.

  • jo jo ormaz

    This is the Bullet point ! “rumors of gang ties” – – “Keep raising our Taxes – Board of Education and The TEAM” – as more people move out – more renters will move in,, and to think – “These kids are going to Brick Schools” ,,, WoW there’s a great trade off !
    Raise taxes for better school system and look what’s happening on our streets and what’s going to our schools in Brick.? have you figured it out yet..?

    • KaayC

      Not the schools’ responsibility. These uncivilized hellions were not raised properly. They do not deserve to be in schools. Put them on a tracked, computerised learning program in jail away from people.

  • Surfrider

    The ones who need to figure it out is the parents of the 3 hoodlums and future criminals! If they do not step up and do the right thing in bringing up their kids, you cannot blame the local government on this one! Don’t waste any more tax money on them! This town is getting to the point where we need to bring in Bronson to take care of things…….

  • Frank Rizzo

    Charge them as adults and identify them…..

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      People like you would charge 5 years olds as adults. Unless they’re 18, don’t put them in the adult criminal justice system. Thanks for doing your best to make this a nation behind bars.

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    Cameras cameras…where are they..should have been installed at completion of park..
    Police doing there best in past week things are changing ..

  • jo jo ormaz

    They had a budget for the parks, at the time of the introduction there was to be cameras added but guess what, they took it out of the budget and will outsource it at the Tax payers expense…” How many Millions went into these parks,,? in a town that ranks quite high for crime, and drug trafficking,.? by spending the Tax payers money – and no one added cameras as a deterrent to protect the park and people,..? just an empty open space for people to pull up to any time of the day or night.. wow… ! !!!
    Q: shorebeat – can you do a request to see the breakdown of that budget of those parks,,, for the public; think inquiring minds would like to know….. where did the money go..?