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‘Awesome’ Bayfront Beach Bar, Restaurant Will be Built at Traders Cove

A proposed bar and restaurant to be built at Traders Cove Marina in Brick, NJ. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
A proposed bar and restaurant to be built at Traders Cove Marina in Brick, NJ. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick officials on Tuesday night approved a plan for a prominent Shore area restaurant ownership group to build a luxurious, outdoor beach bar and restaurant at the Traders Cove Marina Site.

“The restaurant is awesome!” said Mayor John Ducey, announcing that the developer, Chefs International, will pay an annual $75,000 lease to the township and construct the site themselves. “No taxpayer dollars will be used to construct the restaurant.”

Chefs International owns numerous restaurants in the Shore area, including Jack Baker’s Wharfside and Lobster Shanty restaurants in the Point Pleasant Beach, Baker’s Water Street Grill in Toms River and the 9th Avenue Pier restaurant in Belmar.


The Brick site, which officials expect to be ready for the 2017 summer season, would include multiple bars, outdoor seating around fire pits, lounge chairs and hammocks, and a sand area where customers could sit with their toes in the sand. Another phase of the project – which still may be included in the initial construction – would be rooftop decks with sweeping views of Barnegat Bay.

The restaurant complex would be built on the northeast corner of the Traders Cove site, where there is currently a grassy area. The location would be adjacent to slips where boaters could stop in to dock-and-dine.

“I think you’re going to find that Chefs is a great partner for Bricktown,” said John Jackson, attorney for Chefs International, explaining that the company entered into a similar agreement with Belmar at its municipal marina.

“There are thousands of people coming through that marina every week,” said Bob Cooper, president of Chefs International.

The Brick restaurant, Cooper said, would begin as a seasonal facility that would be open during the spring, summer and early fall, but could transition into a year-round restaurant depending on demand. Cooper said the site would retain all of the public access now featured at the site, including the boardwalk which rings the bayfront.

Matt Yeager, one of the designers of the project, said the site will be surrounded with native plants and will feature a grand stairway up to the restaurant and bar area since the bulk of the building must be elevated, save the sandy beach area.

“You can dig your toes into the sand while eating seafood,” Yeager said.

The 24-year agreement with Chefs International will be subject to a 2 percent compounded escalator each year, which will quickly increase the annual lease into the six-figure arena.

“The restaurant lease will give us not only an awesome place for everyone to enjoy, but revenue to help pay down our debt service” on the park, Ducey said, which currently stands at about $15 million.

When considering the project, “It had to be something that all of Brick could be proud of, draw Brick residents to it, and to create envy across the state of New Jersey,” Ducey said.

Cooper said since approvals – including a sign-off from the state Department of Environmental Protection and Green Acres office – the construction schedule should work out to a spring 2017 opening.

“I’m more excited about this project than any we’ve ever done,” said Cooper.

  • Glenn

    “2 percent compounded escalator each year, which will quickly increase the annual lease into the six-figure arena”. umm that’s 14-15 years! Not to mention that the town is expanding it’s practice of competing with local business owners. And exactly how did Trader’s Cove go from $6 million to a $15 million debt service?????

  • Glenn

    Oh, and the parking requirements? Guess the town can spend another million $ tearing down the play ground and pave that over, since the playground users fill that undersized lot. Really, what the heck is this town thinking?

  • Mary Scheper VanDeventer

    Love Chef’s International and this sounds beautiful!! Can’t wait!

  • SoWhat?

    Only $75,000.00 a year? The town will spend more than that on increased police needs to patrol and secure the area.
    This town is a joke.
    This isn’t even enough money to cut the grass at the solar field.

  • SoWhat?

    This entire project was supposed to be a boat/maritime museum and passive fishing park for the county and township residents.
    Now its going to be a for profit money making drunkfest for a private business at tax payers expense.
    What is the benefit for the taxpayers?
    We are paying $15,000,000.00 in taxes for a private business to get rich and more rich people to park their yachts and booze it up.

    • J W

      $15m in taxes? What madness are you talking about? Where do you come up with this number? Doing some quick math, the rent alone (including the 2% annual increase) will yield around $3 million over the 24 year lease lifetime- and then the sales taxes that go to the township could be almost as much too depending on the traffic.

      • SoWhat?

        Read the article Vera.
        $15,000,000.00 in debt service.

      • J W

        Oh yeah, now I see it. Well, this should cut that nearly in half with the rent and sales taxes over the next 24 years and in someways help fix Acropolis’ folly. You ought to be rather happy about that, right?

      • SoWhat?

        Towns dont get sales tax, Vera.
        Are you drunk?

      • J W

        The state has a revenue sharing formula for municipalities, or at least had one until a few years ago when I learned about it. That’s why every dumpy little town wants tons of retail spots and cowtows to builders. Still not happy about the Ducey Team doing a better job than that fat worthless idiot, Acrapaloss?

      • SoWhat?

        Hey Vera, I unfortunately voted for Duechy, Fozwoman, Liardecker and Mooron, when they ran against Acrapolis team.
        They all lied to me and everyone else and they also enjoy using the 25% tax increase they said was unnecessary and even raised it since then.

  • SoWhat?

    Mantoloking millionaires across the bay will sue to stop the noise within a month of opening.

  • Nim

    Like WHY???? We really need to turn this area on the bay into a Lobster Shanty restraurant or a 9th Avenue Pier?????? Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!!

  • Johnny 1979

    But what about the grass? I can’t believe they are going to destroy the green grass!

  • Surfrider

    The traffic backs up to Adamston Road now in the summer on weekends. The waterway on the bay is a zoo also. Lets put a huge restaurant and make it even more of a bottle neck. The playground already is almost filled up on weekends with children, I guess the patrons to the restaurant will get the edge? Like others have said, more macadam means more runoff into the bay which is already in bad shape. I feel for the restaurants already along Mantoloking Road. And the money doesn’t really add up in my simple mind….more bad decisions by the Brick political machine. “Draw Brick residents to”? We cannot afford our taxes now, thanks to end run of our last increase above the 2% limit which turns out to be a joke…..I can imagine the cost of the dinners there? Bill Spadia of 101.5 is digging in? I am getting out as soon as I can…..