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Additional Park Upgrade Projects Get Funding in Brick

Bay Harbor Park, Brick, N.J. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
The breakwater at Bay Harbor Park, Brick, N.J. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Brick officials have funded projects important to the survival of two parks in town and the future reconstruction of another. Security features at additional parks will also become a reality in the coming year.

Mayor John Ducey said the 2016 capital budget will include projects to reduce erosion at two neighborhood parks – Cedarbridge Manor Park and Mallard Point Park. The two parks, located on the Metedeconk River and Kettle Creek, respectively, have been subject to decline due to age, but also significant erosion from the waterways.

The improvement projects at the two parks will be based on a plan officials carried out at Bay Harbor Park – on the Tunes Brook Branch of Kettle Creek – last year. The plan involved installing new vinyl bulkheading, replenishing the beach and installing 300 cubic yards of stone breakwater that resembles two jetties. The breakwater protects the park in storms and prevents wave action from impacting the sand and eroding the berm.


Additionally, Ducey announced the township would renovate and upgrade Bernie Cooke Park off Burnt Tavern Road. The park, however, is adjacent to the ongoing Garden State Parkway interchange project, Ducey said, so the project would not begin until after construction ends.

Herbertsville Park (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Herbertsville Park (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Finally, officials have kept a promise to increase security at township parks. Infrared security cameras, which will be linked to the police department, will be installed at numerous parks, including Hebertsville Park, Angela Hibbard Park and Lake Riviera Park.

The 2016 capital budget amounts to $8.5 million, though the park projects will only constitute a portion of that figure. The exact pricing for the park projects will not be known until bids are solicited and accepted by the township.

  • Donald Trump for President

    Thanks to Acropolis and Gop 25% tax increase which cost them their reelections, Ducey and the democrats have plenty of extra cash to build dog parks and buy votes while taxpayers get shafted

    • ThatGuy

      Don’t be a dick. Its parks for everyone, not a political crony job appointment.

      Speaking of political cronies and their fake jobs, how is Acropolis doing at the Toms River MUA?

      If your going to write a ignorant post about a politician, you probably shouldn’t mention Steve Acrapolis, one of the bigger scumbag politicians this town has ever hosted.

      • Donald Trump for President

        Another internet tough guy that is afraid of his own shadow in real life.
        Acropolis stunk.
        I voted for Ducey team because they pledged to be different .
        Theyre not

      • ThatGuy

        Not being a tough guy, tough guy, so relax. Your always posting douchey comments and being a dick to others online, you should probably get over yourself.

        Are you in the market for a bridge?? Bc I have a really nice one for sale…

        Bc if you really thought Ducey or any politician would be different, your a bigger moron then even I thought.

        But please keep at it. Its good entertainment, and just like your buddy Trump, the more you say the more stupid you appear.

      • Smokin

        Who are you kidding patronage jobs exist on both sides of the crooked political parties..There both play what’s in it for me …Present council have family working in county positions or township and wait to see who replaced Mr. Scott.P..This town hasn’t changed just the names have changed..

  • Flo

    Perhaps things have changed, but it has been my understanding that those beaches/parks are community association venues and that paying dues gets you a badge and the right to use those beaches/parks. Bay Harbor, Mallard Point and Cedar Manor are open to the public? Since when? The Public is paying for the replenishment of these parks? I am confused.