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Cops Plan ‘Vigilant and Aggressive’ Enforcement on Brick Roadway This Month

Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato and Brick Police Chief Jim Riccio and other officers, announcing the start of an enforcement sweep of county road 528. (Photo: OCPO)
Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato and Brick Police Chief Jim Riccio and other officers, announcing the start of an enforcement sweep of county road 528. (Photo: OCPO)

Citing a steady increase in fatalities, intoxicated driving arrests and serious accidents, police from Brick and neighboring communities will focus efforts on traffic enforcement along a county road that officials say has become more dangerous in recent years.

Brick’s portion of Route 528 encompasses Mantoloking Road and Cedar Bridge Avenue. Both have had an increasing number of motor vehicle crashes in recent years, prompting the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office to partner with local police in Brick – as well as police in Lakewood, Jackson and Plumsted townships, where the road continues – to begin “vigilant and aggressive enforcement” of moving and equipment violations which contribute to accidents, an announcement on the program said.

The stepped-up enforcement will take place between June 17 and June 30. Police will specifically be looking to crack down on improper passing, excessive speed, drunk driving, aggressive driving, improper turning, failing to yield, inattentive driving, disregarding of traffic signals, following too close and various commercial carrier violations such as overweight, equipment maintenance and brake pressure issues.


The enhanced focus on the roadway will also include a partnership with the Ocean County engineering department. That aspect of the initiative will include a review of the accidents and specific roadway dynamics to determine if ‘rumble strips’ or other possible safety improvements may be appropriate for portions of the roadway.

An education element will include signage, media postings, radio public service announcements, awareness posters and coordinated social media postings by all the partnering agencies. As evident by recent localized media releases on enforcement, Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato has directed all participating police chiefs to be “proactive in keeping media informed of enforcement efforts, crash stats and initiative developments.”

The data, indeed, shows a high number of accidents.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]Accidents on Mantoloking Road, Cedar Bridge Avenue


  • Cedar Bridge Avenue (Brick): 32
  • Cedar Bridge Avenue (Lakewood): 30
  • Mantoloking Road: No Data


  • Cedar Bridge Avenue (Brick): 55
  • Cedar Bridge Avenue (Lakewood): 32
  • Mantoloking Road: No Data


  • Cedar Bridge Avenue (Brick): 44
  • Cedar Bridge Avenue (Lakewood): 36
  • Mantoloking Road: 5

2015 (To Date)

  • Cedar Bridge Avenue (Brick): 8
  • Cedar Bridge Avenue (Lakewood): 44
  • Mantoloking Road: 9 [/box]

“I have called upon all departments having jurisdiction in the area to do their part in alleviating these concerns and resolving potential safety issues,” Coronato said in a prepared statement on the enforcement sweep, which is based on a similar focus on Route 539 in western Ocean County last year.


  • Kimberleely

    Please note the increasing accident rate in Lakewood …..just saying.

    • avgjoe

      anywhere in lakewood is double the rest of the county. Like the bumper stickers read “pray for me I drive in Lakewood”

  • Donald Trump for President

    Rt 70 and Rt 88 intersection is life threatening when heading west bound/ south on Rt 70.
    The intersection goes from 4 lanes to 2 lanes at Forge Pond then back to 4 lanes in front of old Food Town.
    The drivers are doing 60-70 mph in this crazy zone.
    This bottleneck can be fixed by repainting the lines to make a 4-3-4 merge without a shoulder.
    Please recommend this to the State Hwy Authority.

  • Donald Trump for President

    Make America Great Again

  • Chief Wahoo

    Ha Ha. Look at those road pirates.

    • avgjoe

      I love to see what a goofball an internet troll with the name chief wahoo looks like? Go back to staen Island

  • Chief Wahoo

    So what’s Brick plan …. Opening a restaurant at the Marina !!!!! You can’t make this stuff up.

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    Gee, could it be that the population has increased in the area, especially all those Hasidic condos in Lakewood Not to mention they drive like maniacs and could care less.

    • Donald Trump for President

      Most people that cut me off or tailgate me ar not hasidic.

  • Beach N8iv


  • John Q

    Maybe they should look at the condition of the road, Mantoloking Rd in particular. Ever since superstore sandy the road has been a main route for dump trucks, heavy equipment, and increased contractor traffic. The roads sure are nice on the east side of the bridge. How about the not so well to do on the west side get a decent coat of asphalt so we don’t have to dodge craters on our ride. I won’t bother to mention bicyclists and motorcycles.

    • avgjoe

      Here here Mantoloking road is horrible! You are right I have to dodge the craters all the time. But lets hope the county does a better job than they did on the north/west end of Drum point by the schools! Its worse that before they paved it you get see sick looking at the waves & dips in the road never mind driving on it! Dosent the county have any inspectors on these projects or is it typical Nj corruption to let the contractors run wild & screw the tax payer. And while where on the subject & the county hiway dept WHY is the whole parkway expansion project done EXCEPT for the exit 91 lanes mill interchange?? the state needs to investigate this corruption

    • Mike

      It’s a road for all. MR has a bike path which is wide enough to use.. and bikers and bicycles have freedom to use the room lawfully.

      • John Q

        Where is the bike path on Mantoloking Rd? And if one did exist you certainly wouldn’t be allowed to ride a motorcycle on it. Are you talking about the bike path on 35?

      • Mike

        The shoulder is a lane for bikes when it is free. 35 has a specific lane for bikes which Brick should implement and follow also.

  • John Q

    I did type superstorm , gotta love autocorrect


    The majority of roads suck in Jersey, beyond capacity, poorly lighted, they never repaint missing white or yellow lines, horrible design, like they where fine 50 years ago, the entire infrastructure in Jersey is heading 3rd world…but all they can find a solution, is take more money from motorists, it never ends, fix the lousy roads!


    why do people wear BLACK at night and cross major highways, even any fool knows not to wear dark clothing and walk on highways….a protected species?

  • TJ&TAW

    Joseph D. Coronato must have big political plans. He has expanded the prosecutor’s office way beyond what it ever was before. You would think the heroin explosion would keep his office too busy to be bothering with motor vehicle enforcement. I am pretty pro police but somehow this is a little alarming.

  • avgjoe

    Heck if the state enforced the traffic laws especially talking on cell phone, seat belt & changing lanes w/o signaling they could wipe out the state debt in 4 months

  • Surfrider

    Mantoloking road is a road in which many people inherit their opinions of Brick as a town. they do not realize that it is a county road. So since it looks so trashy (wide separating seams, manholes which are either too high or too low, tough to get even?), and my pet peeve of cigarette butts tossed by the many slobs who travel the road. Lots of construction material because many trucks do not have covers over them while hauling(?). And don’t forget all the speeders, makes it hard to get out a driveway or store. They could collect mucho dinero in speeding tickets and litter tickets. And what ever happened to the “BIG transformation of the road, by the Brick town hall, with promoting a “nautical theme” in new architecture and upgrades to existing buildings and homes, in order to get more of a “shore” feeling while traveling the road?!

  • African-Americans for Trump

    Why no people of color on the BPD ?

    • J W

      Same reason there’s no black cops in Ferguson. This is a white supremacist nation.