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It Would Cost $162 Million to Pave Just a Portion of Brick’s Streets

A newly-paved road. (Credit: Alan Levine/Flickr/File Photo)
A newly-paved road. (Credit: Alan Levine/Flickr/File Photo)

Brick Township has responsibility of about 780 lane miles of road, and many of them are in need of repaving. Choosing the proverbial “haves and have nots” when it comes to paving is a delicate task – one which often comes down to cost.

New Jersey’s notoriously high cost of road construction – about $125 per foot in projects in Brick in recent years – is a major reason why additional roads cannot be paved each year. Mayor John Ducey said it would cost $162 million to pave just the roads which have not received a fresh coat of asphalt in the last decade.

Between 2005 and 2015, 150 miles of road – about 300 lane miles – have been repaved, leaving 240 miles of Brick streets with whatever work was done in years past.


“Every time we announce a road project, people in town ask when their street is going to be done,” said Ducey. “We have to prioritize based on the recommendations of our engineers.”

Even when a road is in need of paving, it sometimes is not cost-feasible to repair it.

“A lot of times there are roads in very bad shape, but the roads around them are in good shape,” said Ducey. “It takes a lot of money for these companies to mobilize.”

Ducey went over the statistics on road repaving while announcing the 2016 capital budget, which includes a number of neighborhoods that will see repaving projects funded either later this year or in the future.

Neighborhoods on the list include portions of the Midstreams section, Riviera Beach, Tunes Brook, Cedarwood Park West and Molly Lane. Next year, projects will likely include more of Riviera Beach, Fairview, Birchwood Park and Ashland Street. The exact streets in the projects will be announced when bids are solicited over the course of the year.

Ducey said he mixes priorities such as road repaving with reducing the overall amount of debt the township is carrying. Since taking office, Ducey said he has not allowed the capital budget to go over $8.5 million per year, a decision that he said has reduced the township’s debt by $13.2 million by the end of 2015, and will reduce it by another $2.3 million this year.

  • Surfrider

    Good going Ducey!

  • JerseyShoreLibertarian

    I moved to Brick from a town in CA that is about the same size and population. My property taxes were about 1/3 of what I pay in Brick and yet the roads, schools, etc. were all much better maintained. It’s infuriating trying to understand where all of our tax money is going!

    • J W

      Sacramento kicks revenue down to the cities. Thanks to some ballot initiative there, they haven’t been allowed to raise property taxes since the 60s. We used to have revenue sharing here too, but it died through a thousand cuts.

      • JerseyShoreLibertarian

        They also can not reassess the taxable value of your property unless you just bought it, you refinance it, or you request it (as many did after the crash). So, if you bought your house 30 years ago and never refinance it, your taxes never go up. This is great for retired people. NJ should do the same.

      • J W

        They already kind of do it for seniors, and have for at least 10 years. It’s called the senior tax freeze. http://www.state.nj.us/treasury/taxation/ptr/

    • KaayC

      Triple dipper retirees whom we throw parties for?
      The beaches are free there too!

  • Frank Rizzo

    Jersey gets a winter but nothing worse than those north and west of us do….you cannot compare warm states to this one with road conditions …that being said why are we paying unions to pave our streets…why are we paying Union rates….lets have anyone capable of doing the to standards do it…for whatever they bid….cut out these Union companies and do it cheaper….why are we paying Union pensions for laborers and heavy equipment operators….

  • Ed Kiesche

    The Town save a lot of money in Cedarwood Park ” Paving Project”, They didn’t, pave but 2 streets, the rest of the streets had the old patches from the BTMUA & the Gas Co, ground down, and a new patch was put down, as the Mayor stated in this article about streets not getting a new coat of asphalt in 10 years , our streets, have been like this for the last 36 Years

  • KaayC

    The town needs to get its act together on this issue. Something is wrong when we read about multiple Public Relations ploys regarding our parks, but can’t lay some asphalt in 35 years. That is accurately stated. This while we also read about triple dipper pensioners and politicians stealing the money with both hands. The schools and roads in Brick are H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. Additionally the town is NOT adhering to its own policy of “Worst First”. (Some coincidence that Herbertsville got paved. Gee I “wonder” why! ) I am counting the days til I can get out of this God forsaken town. We have had snow in the northeast forever….this is not news! Get yours heads out of your arses, and your hands out of our pockets and PAVE THE ROADS.