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Local Cops to Target Aggressive Driving, Fireworks Over July 4 Weekend


Following a year when one of three fatal accidents in New Jersey over the July 4 holiday weekend occurred in Ocean County, local police are coordinating to target aggressive driving this year. 

The good weather forecast will bring an “excessive” amount of vehicles to the area, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement issued Tuesday. 

 Ocean County law enforcement will partner and coordinate efforts to maximize patrol resources throughout the July 4 holiday period. Prosecutor Joseph Coronato, in the statement, urged drivers to stay alert during their summer driving trips. The patrols will focus across the board enforcement on DWI, aggressive, careless, inattentive, drowsy drivers and seat belt violators as they go about their business of enforcing the state’s traffic laws and promoting safe driving practices. 


For enforcement purposes, ​the holiday officially begins Friday, July 1, at 6 pm and ends on Tuesday, July 5, at 5:59 am., the prosecutor’s office said. 

Authorities also issued a reminder to county residents and visitors that all fireworks are illegal to possess and use. It is a crime to sell, use, and/or possess any kind of fireworks — including Chinese firecrackers, Roman candles, M80s, cherry bombs, salutes, M100s, sparklers, and others. 

In an effort to prevent injuries and property damage, local police departments will step up enforcement activities during the summer “fireworks season” confiscating illegal fireworks.

Possession of illegal fireworks is a disorderly persons offense in New Jersey and is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and/or up to 30 days in jail. Possession with intent to sell is a fourth degree crime, punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 and/or up to 18 months in jail. Possession of “destructive devices” is a third degree crime with fines of up to $10,000 and incarceration of up to three to five years in jail.

  • Rich

    Veterans who suffer from PTSD and the 63% of households with pet dogs and cats also would appreciate enforcement of the laws against fireworks.

    I suggest that the overgrown boys trying to act macho by setting off firecrackers in our local neighborhoods instead do so in front of a hospital or police station. That will make it easier for first responders when the perpetrators’ fingers, eyes or other body parts are blasted by their dangerous toys.

    It will also contribute to municipal treasuries when they pay their fines for illegal fireworks. Don’t hesitate to call the police whenever a nearby “boom” disturbs the peace.

    Leave fireworks displays to the professionals. There will be lots of public shows in our area, and they’ll look much more beautiful than anything the village idiots can do.

    Thank you.

    • Donald Trump for President

      Cops usually have the best hime fireworks displays.
      They confiscate from civilians and take them home and fire them off for friends and family.

  • Surfrider

    All they have to do is hang out along Mantoloking Road, and they will clean up with tickets for speeders! We have a hard time getting out of and pulling into our driveway…..and please get the litterers with cigarette butts and general trash…..major reasons for a crappy looking road! How about all the illegal moves over the single white line on the right when someone is making a left turn – just about everyone pulls that illegal move! That is a dangerous move against pedestrians and bikers! Even the cops do that one! C’mon MAN !

  • Smokin

    Every year Colorado Herbertville park..weekend to Monday night..on and off fireworks ..sometimes better than windward beach show…