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Longtime Brick Official Is Retiring


A familiar face at town hall in Brick will soon be retiring.

Scott Pezarras, the township’s chief financial officer who also served a dual role as administrator for eight years, will step down in July.


Pezarras served Brick Township for 32 years, having began his career in the tax assessor’ office before becoming comptroller. In 1994 he became the chief financial officer, and has served in that role ever since. From 2006 unailĀ 2014, Pezarras was Brick’s township administrator.

Pezarras also served as tax assessor in several other communities on a part-time basis. Earlier this month, Lavallette Mayor Walter LaCicero announced Pezarras’ retirement from his post in that town as well.

Pezarras, a Toms River resident, will be honored by the Brick Township Council at a meeting Tuesday night at 7 p.m.

  • Chief Wahoo

    Biggest public taker in history of Bricktucky. Yeah. Let’s give him a trophy, because that pension just isn’t high enough. Good riddance.

  • Donald Trump for President

    Must be easy work if you can hold 4 jobs at once.
    Only in Government.
    I am sure there was never any cross over work like doing Keyports business on Brick Townships time or vise versa.
    Working 4 government jobs at one time is easy.
    Lawyers and politicians and judges do it all the time.

  • Donald Trump for President

    Anyone want to bet me that one of Duceys democrat friends or family member gets the job?
    Please start new person in this position at half the old salary.
    It must be very easy as Scott managed to accomplish his duties while holding down at least 3 other jobs.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Small towns do the right thing and hire people part time….only A limited amount of people in the state are certified to hold these positions by the NJ State laws which require what courses they must complete….so …if a man wants to work part time which can be as little as 12 hours a month in some of these small towns I see nothing wrong with it…..

  • ThatGuy

    I’ve met Scott, hes a nice guy and did his job well. He is also fully aware that he is playing the system milking the tax payers for a great pension.

    Last I spoke with him he planned on leaving NJ bc his pension will follow him down South.

    Again, he’s a real nice guy that knowingly gamed the system and is smiling all the way to the bank(retirement).

    • KaayC

      Life has a way of getting even.

  • Smokin

    He’s not doing anything different than many others Republican or Democrat…no different ..some come back to pad there pensions…Some Mayors work for other towns as prosocuters…