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N.J. Gas Tax Hike on Hold

An LED gas station sign. (File Photo)
An LED gas station sign. (File Photo)

Breathe easy, drivers. You’re off the hook for a gas tax increase, at least for now.

The state Senate has chosen against voting for a bipartisan compromise bill that would have raised the gas tax by 23 cents based on current fuel prices in exchange for a reduction of the state sales tax by 1 percent.

The move came after Senate President Steve Sweeney, a Democrat, announced that there wasn’t enough support in his chamber for the plan, already passed by the Assembly, to move forward.


“The Senate just doesn’t agree with the Assembly’s bill,” Sweeney said, according to a report in the Press of Atlantic City. “The Senate feels it’s too expensive.”

The Senate’s version of the bill eliminated the estate tax.
Meanwhile, the Transportation Trust Fund, which was originally expected to run out on June 30, will remain solvent through Aug. 10, the state treasurer announced Thursday. That announcement bolstered the decision to put the tax increase on hold while the Senate decides on a new compromise.

  • Frank Rizzo

    The construction unions were in Trenton today lobbying for this. They are the most selfish people in the world. They could care less what this means to the rest of us, just as long as they get some work out of their hall, then go back and collect for the next year is all they care about…why are we paying Union rate for this work…why are we being told by the politicians Union are a thing of the past yet they cow tow to them. Pay the illegals to do it cheaper.

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    If they know what’s good for them and they want to keep their jobs in Trenton, they will never bring this up for a vote again, not now, not ever. NJ is always on the list of the number ones, number one in property taxes, number one in high insurance costs, number one is over population, we’re number one for all the wrong reasons, now we are number one in for the lowest gas taxes in the US and those in power just can’t stand that, they want us over on the other list. Nope ain’t going to happen.

  • Surfrider

    Thank you to Bill spadea of NJ 101.5 !! He got tons of citizens to stand up and call in to the politicians to say NO TO NEW TAXES ! As we all know, this state is over taxed and over populated. TUNE IN TO 101.5 who is investigating everything in these new bill budgets, to expose the BS that is folded into these state budgets, that are not only unnecessary, but are monies that could fund the necessary things that do need to be done….without new taxes. Time to reel in all the BS taxes and fees, and legitimately cut our realestate taxes. How is it that we have a labor force, with a union, in state local, county, and state government that now has much better benefits then the non state workers (with similar jobs), with whom are footing the crux of the tax burden and paying for all this benefits and pensions. Reasonable pensions and pay rates have to be put in place, or we will never dig out! An awful lot of lawyers in this group, when the state constitution states they are not eligible, but they get? What is up with that? If they can get 2-3 of these jobs, then neither are full time jobs to begin with and should not be eligible for benefits! Time to start reeling in all the crooks in these “state jobs” that have 2 or more pensions lined up. STOP THE DOUBLE TRIPLE AND GREATER DIPPING NOW in its tracks !! We do not need all the services that these corrupt politicians come up with, just to feed their cronies and relatives. The people who are non state should feel great today that these politicians, for once, have been put in their place! Keep it up all, WE CAN GET THIS STATE BACK AND MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN!! And affordable once again, which has not been the case for over 20 years! Go conservative voters!!! Road construction costs are through the roof, nothing more than corrupt mafia style tactics! these union rates are unsustainable and ripping off our tax payer monies. Time to revamp the processes of selection and payment of these jobs.