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Watch: All Accounted for After Boat Overturns in Point Pleasant Canal


A boat overturned in the Point Pleasant Canal on Sunday, but officials say all on board were located and none suffered serious injuries.

The 21-foot boat capsized in the waterway, known for its swift currents, between the Route 88 and Lovelandtown bridges, New Jersey State Police said, with 11 people thrust and a dog into the waterway. The Point Pleasant Fire Department launched a rescue boat along with troopers from the New Jersey State Police Marine Services Division. TowBoatUS also responded to the scene.


All of the accident victims were taken to the State Police marine barracks, located alongside the canal, and were checked out by Point Pleasant Borough EMS, the Point Pleasant Fire Department said in a social media post.

TowBoatUS took the overturned boat under tow and righted it in the Manasquan River near Treasure Island. Greg Coraggio, a local photographer, captured the righting of the boat on camera using his drone.

The accident is still under investigation. No summonses have been issued and the identities of those involved have been been publicly divulged.

  • Goodgrief

    Nice work with the drone Greg Coraggio,

  • Frank Rizzo

    11 people and a dog in a 21 foot boat you almost have to expect this will happen to you on a busy Sunday in the canal….pretty stupid people..hope the dog is ok

  • Surfrider

    11 people and a dog in a 21′ boat? If no summons are awarded I will be shocked! I am not sure, but I know of no 21′ boat rated to take on 11 people and a dog! You are right, risking the lives of others is stupid by the owner/driver. I am willing to bet no one had their life jacket on either.