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6 Candidates to Vie For 2 Brick School Board Seats


Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Brick Township Board of Education/Schools (Photo: Daniel Nee)
A total of six candidates registered to run for a seat on the Brick Township Board of Education in November.

Neither of the incumbents who currently occupy the two seats – George White and Karyn Cusanelli – are seeking re-election.

The candidates who registered include:

  • Victor Finamore, of Queen Ann Road
  • John J. O’Rourke, of West Lake Drive
  • Daisy Haffner, of Younger Street
  • Melita Gagliardi, of Havens Drive
  • Walter Campbell, of Mark Manor Road
  • Madeline Colagiovanni-Iannarone, of Hudson Drive

Both seats are full-three year terms on the board. The election is nonpartisan, meaning candidates do not run as a Republican, Democrat or Independent, however it is common for parties to back candidates for school board seats. As it stands now, the board majority is held by a four-member group – White, Stephanie Wohlrab, Victoria Pakala and Board President John Lamela – aligned with the Democratic party.

  • jo jo ormaz

    I’m surprised that they didn’t toss 10 more – “Clean Slate Team” – candidates – against Finamore this year…….”

    He may not have the credibility of “Christie or Trumps funding” – Yet, He still has the balls to go up against the machine again – of who’s behind the scenes; of who’s – actually running the town,,,, ”

    Let’s take a real – “good look” – at the list of this years candidates again…. ,, Hhmmm who’s connected to who and where…….?

  • Craig Wall

    Some quick info, since there are always partisan candidates running in these “non-partisan” elections:

    1) Finamore, Campbell, and Colagiovanni-Iannarone — These 3 ran for the board and lost in 2015. See the Ballotpedia page below for more info. It links to info about Finamore, but at the bottom is shown the election results from 2015:


    2) Campbell — a former board member. Ran in 2015 as a part of the four-member slate of candidates which included John Talty.

    3) Haffner — PTO President at Midstreams school. That’s all I could find in a quick search.

    4) O’Rourke — Politically Active. State Director of a group pushing for the Fair Tax in NJ. Source:


    5) Gagliardi — Nothing really… name matches a Jackson school district teacher, but nothing else yet.

    6) Finamore — Very politically-active Republican, his Twitter page says he actively supports Christie and other GOP members.

    7) Colagiovanni-Iannarone — Has been on several township boards, including board of adjustment and as Commissioner of the Brick MUA. Looks like she may have served with Republicans, although that info isn’t that easy to find.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Madeline is back in the family business…or at least trying to…must need those health bennies…she is a Republican machine operative….One of the Greek Pirate’s people