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$655K Contract Awarded to Rebuild Brick Tennis Court

Tennis courts near the Brick Township municipal building. (Credit: Google Maps)
Tennis courts near the Brick Township municipal building. (Credit: Google Maps)

The Brick Township council this week awarded a contract to a Connecticut company to rebuild the municipal tennis courts.

The courts, located next to the municipal building on Chambers Bridge Road, have fallen into disrepair in recent years. Mayor John Ducey said his administration – as well as the administration of former mayor Stephen C. Acropolis – had asked the Board of Education, which is a significant user of the courts, to chip in for the repairs, but they declined to do so.

“I made a decision last year that enough was enough,” said Ducey, on why he chose to undertake the project.


The rebuild will cost $655,773 and will be constructed by Classic Turf, of Woodbury, Conn.

The work, most notably, will include drainage improvements at the courts. Drainage woes in the location, which is near Forge Pond, is one of the reasons the current court deteriorated so badly, officials said.

Ducey said the project will rebuild the courts with a block foundation and a modern surface.

“We have a new type of material that is supposed to last for a very long time,” the mayor said.

The project also includes new bleachers and fences. The drainage improvements represent the largest portion of the cost. Ducey said though the project is costly, it is a frequent request of residents that it be repaired.

“One of the things I constantly hear about is how bad our tennis courts are,” he said. “I’ve heard from the parents as well as the kids themselves over the years that it’s embarrassing when they have home matches out here and there are four inch cracks in the court.”

  • Smokin

    Ahhh Balls !!!

    • KaayC

      More correctly, men and their balls.

  • KaayC

    I cry foul ball. This is a nice thing, but I think we need to put first things first. How do we have money for tennis courts, and multiple parks, yet we cannot get roads paved?? We in Northern Cedarcroft have been begging for years now (since the Scarpelli administration.) for a resurface to our Rocky Road to Dublin roads.

    Almost two years ago, area residents compiled 175 signatures requesting a repave, yet have been largely ignored. When hounded – the engineering department say yes they will repave, but it seems we will be dead and buried first. Manana, manana.

    Our mayor is really big on parks, concerts, recreation gardens etc., but when it comes to roads we are broke? They are “accepting bids “. Does it take two years? What’s up with that? Herbertsville was repaved, despite being in far less deplorable condition as was the thoroughfare near St. Domenics Church.

    What’s up with that?

    I cry foul ball! Time to start prioritizing. PAVE THE ROADS PLEASE, or lose my support come election time.

    • Eh, not all of Herbertsville. The street where my parents own a home has not been paved in the 29 years they’ve owed it. 🙂

      • KaayC

        So you feel the pain Dan. I hope their road is in better shape than hereabouts! Last summer we had a total collapse in one area. As you have possibly heard me rant, the town does not follow its own Worst First policy.

    • Donald Trump for President

      The money is coming from the Acropolis and GOP 25% tax increase that cost the republicans control of mayor and council.
      Ducey and dems ran on bad mouthing tax increase, friends and family patronage and cadillac health benefits for part timers.
      Now they are using and doing same as Acrapolis.

      • Surfrider

        They didn’t even wear banderas over their faces when they did that to us all! We should be getting a large % deduction in our taxes to make up for that robbery!

  • Surfrider

    WOW! How tennis courts get priority over many of the other projects really necessary is deplorable. TENNIS !? C’MON man! Whose relative or friend has the lean on the council to make such a ridiculous decision to prioritize tennis courts over there. Its not foul ball KC, its FOUL PLAY!! YOU ARE RIGHT! No wonder our taxes keep going up. Like you say, time for a clean sweep in Council next time around, unless they make too many more lame brain decisions, maybe time to get rid of ahead of time by impeachment….pretty bad…..along with the mayor! Be interesting to find out any ties to this outfit up in Conn.? How come cannot find a local company to do? I cannot imagine a company in this economic climate that would not submit a reasonable bid! the High School needs so many things, like the saying goes…..Rome is burning and yet they pee on the dog house!

    • KaayC

      Yes, Surf a valid point I did not even think of – why not a local company? Idk about the bidding process, but maybe it is done blind and lowest bid wins? Not sure. I cant say I favor impeachment, as I think Mr. Ducey tries….more than Acropolis ever did, but I do think as I stated, that prioritization is in order.

  • walter.f.campbell

    I hope the Council put money in the budget to maintain..ALL their new courts…not cheap…but it is mandated!!!

  • Surfrider

    Time to UN-mandate a number of things around this town. The tax rate is way too high, and many people getting out of here. Interesting how it seems many of the state employees even seem to have places down in the Carolinas and get out! There is a message here?

  • AMeyer

    I’m glad the town is seeing the value of investing in this park – it contains the only tennis courts in town. These courts haven’t been resurfaced in ~20 years, that is why they deteriorated so badly.

    It was embarrassing for a town of this size to have zero playable tennis courts,

    We should be as happy to invest in our parks as we do in our roads and schools. Unless we would rather have our kids drinking in the woods or being caught up in the drug epidemic the area is experiencing. These remain viable options if you prefer.

    • KaayC

      We have roads which haven’t been resurfaced in 30 years AMeyer. We need to do both!