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Christie Vetoes N.J. Beach Smoking Ban

A 'No Smoking' sign on a New Jersey beach entrance. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
A ‘No Smoking’ sign on a New Jersey beach entrance. (Photo: Daniel Nee)

Smokers will continue to be able to light up on the beach in certain towns following Gov. Chris Christie’s veto legislation that would ban smoking on beaches statewide.

As it currently stands, municipalities are allowed to enact ordinances allowing or disallowing smoking on ocean beaches. The legislative measure would have banned smoking on all beaches statewide regardless of the preferences of local communities. Christie has twice previously voted the law, which was passed by strong, bipartisan majorities in both houses of the legislature.

“By vetoing this legislation the Governor sided with the tobacco lobby over protecting our environment and public health,” said Jeff Tittel, director of the New Jersey chapter of the Sierra Club. “Instead of trying to protect our parks and health he is turning them into ash tray. He is doing this because of his national political ambitions against what is best for the people of New Jersey.”


Cigarrette butts frequently are one of the most common litter items collected during annual beach sweeps up and down the New Jersey coast. While some some towns, such as Belmar, Seaside Heights and Seaside Park, ban or limit smoking, others, such as Brick, Lavallette and Surf City, allow smoking on their ocean beaches.

Christie has previously said that the bill banning smoking would limit the power of local governmental bodies to regulate their beaches.

  • J W

    Is this guy trying to go down in history as the worst governor ever?

    • Johnny 1979

      We live in a NO society. Everywhere you look there’s a sign saying no this and no that! Why not give people the option to make decisions on their own? It’s open air. People just need something to complain about!

      • Hydra Trump

        I say no to you.

      • J W

        Fine- then you can clean up after them on your own. You seem to be eager to volunteer. You’re the one who says we can’t tell these people NO after all.

    • Hydra Trump


  • Goodgrief

    It would be a difficult law to enforce. Waste of time to send cops onto the beaches. It is not like a closed up airplane interior. No, I don’t smoke. Just practical.

    • J W

      It’s a waste of time to have to clean up the beaches too. We know exactly where these cigarette butts are coming from- ain’t exactly hard to figure out here.

      • Goodgrief

        So it is a litter problem and not health with the smoking on beaches? My point is it is a waste of manpower putting cops on beaches.

      • J W

        The cops will theoretically pay for themselves in ticket revenue, no? Either way, we don’t seem to have this problem with restaurants not being able to enforce the no smoking ban.

      • Goodgrief

        Bad comparison because the restaurant management enforces the no smoking.

      • J W

        Never seen anyone need to though. People follow the sign anyway

  • Vinny Gracchus

    Reject smoking bans!

  • KaayC

    Surprised that such an icon of health and fitness would so veto.

  • Surfrider

    Nail them in their pockets……I never here of fines being given out for tossing their butts on the ground or out the car window…..stinky slobs…..enforce the laws and fines already on the books……

  • Beach N8iv

    Even a broken clock . . . . . Smokers are just about the last group of people that you can still openly discriminate against. At least for now. Oh, I don’t smoke.

    • Katwoman0108

      Seems like I can smell that wood where your brain should be smoking strong!!!

  • jerseyguy211

    Too bad he didn’t have the balls to slap these nasty fucks with a permaban. Smokers are the most vile disgusting, rude, selfish ass munched ever. If you want to smoke.fine do it in your home with the windows closed up and rot in there and die a slow miserable cancerous death I don’t care. But don’t go to a public beach meant for everyone to be able to enjoy and light up around me and my family who dont.lime the smell of smoke then throw your garbage into the sand.

    I wish more towns would ban smoking in state public parks and beaches. It might be outdoors but I can still smell your putrid smoke. Stop being such pathetic worthless humans and have some respect for the people around you who may not want to smell your toxic fumes you losers.