Home Government Former Jackson Mayor to be Appointed Brick’s Municipal Court Judge

Former Jackson Mayor to be Appointed Brick’s Municipal Court Judge

Gavel (Credit: Brian Turner/Flickr)
Gavel (Credit: Brian Turner/Flickr)

The Brick Township council will be tasked this week with an advice-and-consent vote to approve Mayor John Ducey’s pick for municipal court judge.

Joseph Grisanti, the former Democratic mayor of Jackson, is up for the post. Grisanti, now a Brick resident who runs a Jackson law office, currently serves as a commissioner on the Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority. He previously ran unsuccessfully for a seat on the Ocean County freeholder board.

Grisanti will replace current Municipal Court Judge Robert Lepore, whose term is coming to an end Aug. 21. The salary for the position was not detailed in a copy of a resolution appointing Grisanti to the position.

  • Donald Trump for President

    Friends and Family Club continues.

    The democrats cried like babies and threw temper tantrums when republicans appointed republicans.

  • Glenn

    So we get a new double dipper to the club!

  • ThatGuy

    Id love to see a quote from Ducey on how this is not a political sham job.

    What is this Judges pension situation?? Does he give up his ‘no show’ job at the Brick MUA? How can he do this and still own and operate a law office??

    Ducey is a scumbag like every other politician. He is setting himself up for the day he is no longer Brick Mayor, just like Acropolis did.

    Only silver lining is Bricks current judge sucks and sets extremely low bail on drug and violent cases. Quite a few times the Brick PD would lead a months long investigation and the current Judge would give 25k bail or less for 100’s bags or heroin.

  • Smokin

    Same BS just new faces…friends and family club continues..

  • Regardless of the Friends and Family plans that go on in Ocean County, it’s seems like if you are an attorney, and you run for Freeholder or Cingress, your next step is a judgeship.